What are some Off-Page SEO strategies?

Q) What are some Off-Page SEO strategies?

Ans: Hi All,

Whenever you think of Off-Page SEO strategies, it is about managing reputation and creating a buzz mainly. The first thing you might do is create your social profiles on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

The more accounts and followers you have, the better would be the content reach. As far as SEO is concerned, I am not the best person to guide you.

Merely making accounts won't work, staying active and engaging is what actually counts.
Joining Forums and sharing your content there is an amazing strategy as well because many (reputed) forums get indexed quickly which can in return benefit you.

Submit your site to popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can also submit your blog to the directories but make sure those directories get indexed by the Google.

Joining Q and A sites can also help. Example - Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Document and article sharing sites like SlideShare can help you tremendously if used smartly.

Other methods include Ads, ethical link exchanges, photo sharing, social bookmarking, etc.

I hope this helps you.


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