An Overview of Application of Orings

Orings are rated as some of the most useful accessories in the market for a diverse range of business. Patented for the first time in 1896, by Swedish discoverer J. O. Lundberg, O-rings are looked upon as one of the simplest yet amazing inventions of this century.

Wondering what are the different applications that these small gizmos so good, well here is a sneak peek at some of those applications -

  • Applications in Mechanical Industry - O-rings find great application in mechanical industry, used for multifarious purposes. From being used as a point contact between the ring and sealing faces to being a flexible component used in high pressure devices, these rings can be used for all these purposes. Add to that, these rings also serve the purpose to accommodate all the imperfections in the mounting parts. So you can be sure to get the maximum out of these when using for mechanical purposes.

  • Applications in the vacuum industry - considering the fact that these orings come in a variety of materials, they find application in vacuum industry as well. The major ones being, indium rings being used in systems that make use of liquid nitrogen and the rings have to stay immersed in them. Why? Simply because they are less brittle as compared to their rubber counterparts. So, you can be sure to get them working for longer durations without any hiccups.
  • Applications in Thermal industry - Not just for their mechanical and vacuum applications, but these small tools have managed to carve a niche in the thermal industry as well, especially in devices with high temperature applications. Although, there are special implications of using these devices when using them in high temperature implications, for instance mounting tangentially so as to compensate the Gow-Joule Effect and similar others, but the fact is that they have become an integral part of the industry.

Being available in quite a number of size and material options, these rings have emerged as one of the most popular tools in a wide range of industries. And, there has been emergence of huge number of suppliers who offer these products.

If you looking to make use of these O-rings for any of these applications, then be sure to get in touch with a reliable supplier who can fetch you some of the best brands in the industry. So, what are you waiting for, start searching for a supplier like ARIIZ and be sure to find the best.


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