Multiple uses of O rings

Orings  known by various names in the market, are mechanical tools used for seal the interface between two or more parts. Features like being inexpensive, easy to make, reliable, and simple mounting requirements make them such a popular tool. 


Here is a list of applications of these Orings – 

• Mechanical Applications – these rings are designed especially to have a point contact between the ring and sealing faces which makes them a useful tool to contain high pressure. Being flexible in nature, these rings can accommodate the imperfections in the mounting parts with ease.

• Vacuum Applications – based on the type of material used in these rings, they find application in vacuum industry as well. For instance, indium rings are used in vacuum systems that have to be immersed in liquid nitrogen as they are less brittle as compared to rubber. 

• High Temperature Applications – another area where these Orings find their application is high temperature devices. However, when used in high temperature applications, these rings need to be mounted tangentially to make sure that they compensate the Gow-Joule Effect.

The rings come in diverse range of sizes, based on various standards used in different parts of the world. And, they are used for multiple static as well as dynamic applications. The applications are many, and you can make use of these wonderful mechanical devices as per requirement. 

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