What To Do With Funny Pictures?

There's nothing better than starting the week laughing because of the funniest photos you can find online. Some of those pictures deserve to be shared all over the internet. Strange and funny things happen all the time, it is not easy to capture the moment on video or photo at the right time. If you have funny pictures, the best thing to do is share them with everybody and there are various ways to do this:

Funny Pictures

- Facebook

Facebook remains the largest social network in the world but is far from hegemony. Facebook is a social networking platform established in 2004. Initially, it was created only for Harvard students, but soon this social network expanded and reached one billion of active users worldwide in 2012. Currently, Facebook is the most popular social network and reaches different age groups in various parts of the world. Among the main factors that encourage the heavy use of the network are the number of received "likes", the positive reviews, sharing your picture, creating posts, among many others.

- Twitter

Twitter was founded in 2006 and is a growing phenomenon, with more than eight million participants, including many teenagers. It is a kind of mini blog that allows users to post text, funny pictures, images links, videos and anything else up to 140 characters that will be seen by all your "followers."

- Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an application for smartphones with which you can send messages, videos, photos, and audio records for free. The possibility of creating conversation groups has left many teenagers and even adults constantly connected. The main source of pleasure related to this network seems to be the establishment of several simultaneous chats.

- LOL Pics

LOL Pics has more than 40 categories of humor with several images: celebrities, holiday, animals and sports related pics are some of the issues that saw the joke app. The service allows the user to upload their pictures of humor, simply log in via Facebook. Enjoy the funniest pictures around the world and share yours.

- Instagram

Instagram is an application that allows users to post videos, take pictures and use filters to produce the most diverse effects on them. Your pictures can be posted on Instagram; you only have to create a profile page that can be solely dedicated to funny pictures and memes. Users exchange their views on the photos and gather through public areas. The popularity of this application is associated with the number of followers you can gain.

- Funpica

The Funpica application has a vast a collection of popular memes and funny pictures. Besides this, there are other eight categories of fun images. The app also includes a creating GIFs tool. You can also create your memes and funny pictures and share them. It is free and available for Android. 


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