4 tips for the best diabetic foot care

Diabetes is one of the most dreaded medical conditions, with the number of deaths from this deadly disease to rise by 50% in the next decade or so. And, one of the major problems related to diabetes is foot ulcers

This is the reason that it becomes imperative to take good foot care when you are suffering from Diabetes. Here are some tips that can prove to be of great help – 

1.      Clean and inspect them daily

One of the first things that you need to start doing right now is to inspect your on daily basis. Look for any changes in color, skin texture or any sore of any sort. Use a mirror to see it under the feet and check whether everything is fine or not. If found something unlikely, go ahead and get in touch with a podiatrist right away for proper diabetic foot care.

diabetic foot care

2.      Consider the footwear that you wear

When it comes to shopping for shoes for people, who have diabetes, it is good idea to search for shoes with a little in the toe box. Also, make sure that there are no seams inside which could cause any damage of any sort. 

3.      Avoid walking barefoot

Most important of all, you need to be protective about your feet. Walking barefoot is no longer an option. A small cut and scrape can put you at the risk of foot surgery, which I am sure you would not want to go through. 

Apart from all this, things like keeping your foot skin dry and free from infections protecting them from any type of cracks by using moisturizers and visit a foot care professional on a regular basis are some of the other things that you ought to do when it comes to diabetic foot care.


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