Best cities in Saudi Arabia to work

There can be many reasons why an expat would want to work in Saudi Arabia. The most notable reason is earning of a very high and tax-free income. There are very few countries in the world who pay high salaries like desert region and especially like Saudi Arabia. Living in Saudi Arabia is not like a walk in park for everybody as it has very strict rules and regulations. But still it is the most appealing place for work to many people especially for Asians due to its high wages. Millions of jobs are reported every year in Saudi Arabia due to increase in industry and lack of qualified recruitment among natives.

Some cities in Saudi Arabia are best for expats to work than others to carry out their professional activities.


Jeddah is best city for expats to work and live. It has thousands of foreigner residents. So you will feel comfortable living here with other expats. Jeddah has many different cultures and you will find people of different professions and interests. Jeddah offers private beaches to visitors but public openings are ban. Life in Jeddah is more comfortable than other cities of Saudi Arabia. Standard of living is very comfortable but not so expensive.


Another popular costal city is Dammam. It has all the offers and facilities a large and modern city can offer though it is not very large and wide city. It is a calm and peaceful city. Cost of living is very cheap. The best advantage is the American ARMACO compound is situated here. It is petroleum and Gas Company which is itself a world where you will found thousands of expats. The compound have western facilities and provides ease of communication for foreigners. Another reason to make Dammam best is the link bridge to Bahrain. With a drive of 25 kilometers you can visit Bahrain.


Riyadh is not a coastal city but still have large number of expats living in here. Quality of living in Riyadh is very good at very reasonable price. Riyadh has best resident areas, diverse and wide job opportunities. Laws in Riyadh are very strict. Police is very active in Riyadh and safety and security conditions are very good in Riyadh.


Medina is a holy city of Islam. If you are religious and Arab cultural lover there is no place better than medina to live and explore. Medina is a religious place and for those who want to immerse themselves in Arab or Islamic culture is a best place to live. Medina has many job offers in every year. People of Medina are very kind and welcoming to foreigners.


Makkah is the largest of two holy cities of Islam. Billions of Muslims pray every day here.  Rules are very strict in here. Makkah is a mixture of old and new. Abraj Al-Bait rising from the center of the city shows the modern face. City hold many record like largest hotel of the world is situated here with largest clock. People of Makkah are very generous and welcoming. But non-Muslims are not allowed in the city. Still you will see millions of expats living here.

In Saudi Arabia you will found well of opportunities of making friends and earning a huge money. No doubt living in here is not so easy but still with its strict rules overseas recruitment in Saudi Arabia is in high numbers due to its other benefits and luxuries which modern countries failed to provide its expats.



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