Effective Remedies for Getting Rid of Termites

Termites can cause major structural damage to homes and other building as well as wooden furniture. Out of all countless insects, rodents and pests none is more dangerous than termites. Termites can ruin and destroy foundation of house in few years. They may be not noticeable for the first five year of their infestation but then it may be too late. Our homes are likely the largest investment we have ever made in our life so we don’t want to see it being destroyed in front of our eyes.

For taking down any infestation you must take some essential steps

Look for signs and identify termites

We may not see direct signs of termite in our house but that doesn’t mean we should remain ignorant of its attack. If there is woodwork in your house than you must remain alert for the infestation of termites. Take a screwdriver and check your wood boards by tapping it onto them. Push it with little force if it hollows the wood then you may have termite problem. Termites are of two types subterranean and drywood termites.
·         Subterranean termites are found in wood and soil around your house.
·         Drywood termites are solely found in wood.
To get rid of these termites you can take some actions on your own.

Cardboard trap

Take a couple flat strips of cardboard, wet them and place them on one another the place where termites are. Because they are fed on cellulose so it would be a excellent trap for them. Repeat this method with more cardboard and take these card boards and burn them.

Heat the wood

If the affected area is not your home but furniture of your home than you can take this step. Expose your furniture to sunlight as termites are insect of darkness so this will kill them. On a sunny day expose your furniture to heat and repeat this for regular 2 or 3 days.

Use boric acid

Boric acid is the most effective way to kill termites. Boric acid shuts down the nervous system of termites and dehydrate them. For an effective way you should use it with bait station.
Spray the wood of bait station with boric acid and place it to open garden in your house or in an open infestation.

Check it on regular basis and spray it boric acid if needed.

Termite control products

These products are available at supply store, using these products should be a very first choice. You can use liquid sprays to get rid of these pests. You can also use bait solutions to get rid of termites.
You should not only spray these on the wood of your house but also in the outer boundary of your house to get prevention of termites in soil.

Microwave treatment

Because heat can kill termites so it would be a very effective method. You can heat your home to kill termites but this method is expensive and very risky should not be taken without the help of professionals.

Call a Professional

If your problem is simply big and cannot be solved by these methods than you must call a professional however this can result in higher termite treatment cost. Before calling a professional you must take quotes from different companies and should have a written agreement of insisting at three year termite extinction and periodically they should check for new infestations.
 Once you got rid of these pests you must take actions for future infestation prevention.

  • ·        Termites are naturally drawn by moist habitats, you must take serious action to keep your house or apartment clean and dry.
  • ·      Use pest repellent in paint of wood or house and in building of house, this will keep you house safe from termites permanently
  • ·         Seal all cracks in your house on their start because it could be infestation attack.
  • ·         Keep all unnecessary wood away from your home.

  • ·         Retreat your house on regular schedules. Not only wood but also outer foundation and soil to keep them away.


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