Choose ADAM Global for Dubai Company Formation

If you have a business idea, but do not know how to transform it into a successful business, then Adam Global can help. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with global presence, specializing in assisting budding entrepreneurs. Qualified business consultants well equipped to match international consulting standards; our professionals are highly experienced in local business practices. And, this is the reason why they take the pain out of starting your new business so that the budding entrepreneurs can relax, while we establish your new company in compliance with chosen legal jurisdiction!

A question that might come up in your mind here can be ‘why do I need a consultant?’ The answer lays in the fact that failure rate for business start-up is considerably high when businesses are not planned and well-executed.

At Adam Global, our consultants are there at every step. From new business idea creation and idea capture to concept testing as well as concept validation, our consultants can handle it all. Trust us when we say that once engaged our business consultant will conduct market research and hence establish business feasibility, with a detailed business plan and financial projections.

We have a team of qualified lawyers who specialize in local company law, and are available to each of our global consulting offices. To create most appropriate legal structure for your business and company registration, our lawyers make it a point to fully meet your business’ specific requirements. They will guide you on the merits of offshore structures, as well as to mitigate tax liabilities so that you can put assets beyond the reach of prying eyes, while maintaining your anonymity.

Not just that, we can assist you beyond just company incorporation. With our outsource consultancy, we can guide you to outsource all you non-core processes and functions. This will help to not just reduce expense, but improve productivity as well. And, that’s what allows you to remain focused on your core income generation activity.

Our Value Proposition

Global Presence
Vertical integration
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Qualified Consultants
Online Order Tracking (Free of charge)
Online Account Financial Statement (Free of charge)
Talent Master (Human Resource Management Software, Free of charge)
Dedicated Account Manager



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