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Delivering International Business Solutions, ADAM Global is a leading Corporate Services firm. We offer a wide range of corporate services; assisting companies and entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses seamlessly across international borders. We have been delivering comprehensive business solutions with operations around the world; we understand the local needs to help business owners make the most of their investments.
With more than 100 partner and integrated offices across various parts of the world including regions such as America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, our expert Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Analysts enable clients to enhance the value of their enterprise and operate their business structures in various geographical locations in a seamless manner.
With our highly efficient online global delivery platform, we have been sharing our knowledge and expertise efficiently; managing the flow of work across all our global partner offices with ease. And, this is what has ensured synchronization of all project collaboration tools, providing consistency of companywide processes with transparency; allowing us to deliver comprehensive end-to-end services to the clients at an unmatched speed and accuracy.
From private and listed companies, pension funds, and real estate agents to insurance/retail, technology and automotive organizations, clients from diverse niches have worked with us; both in multinational and single-country entities. And, the fact that most of our clients are derived from word of mouth referrals clearly reflects our worth as a service provider. And, that’s what sets us apart from all the competitors in the market! We also enjoy unique relationships with numerous intra-Governmental as well as Government organizations, Corporations and mid-size Businesses and leading financial institutions, as well.
Why Us

Global Presence, blended with Local Expertise
We have our operations around the world, and have been delivering comprehensive business solutions for quite some time now. As the global experts who understand local markets, we support and support global ventures of our clients. Our specialists are strategically positioned around the world so that they can take care of all cross border business matters and help our clients to expand and establish their businesses seamlessly.
Single Point of Contact for all Global Services
Consistency and quality are the hallmarks of our service, and to ensure that in our service across the globe, we provide a single point of contact for all our clients, no matter where they are located physically. We make it a point that the service our client receives is very personal. This is the reason than even though our focus is global, yet the professionals taking care of our clients’ business needs are locals, who know what it takes to get the work done. And, that’s what keeps the day-to-day business management & communications simple yet efficient. All in all, it saves our clients, time and money!
Expertise & Connections in Emerging Markets
We have our offices scattered all across the globe in emerging markets of Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Middle East, we have deep rooted strategic partnerships at government as well as private levels. And, this has been the major reason why we have capitalized on the potential offered by these emerging economies. And, transfer this value to our partners and clients. Rapid growth with very little or no competition, these are the hallmarks of these emerging markets. With a team of expert advisors, we work with clients to help them, reach out across borders, acquire new customers, capitalize on new opportunities and grow into these new markets.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Entrepreneurial spirit is our key strength. All the partners that work with ADAM are entrepreneurs themselves, and this serves as a driving force that makes us truly understand our clients’ needs and aspirations!



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