Where to Enjoy a Fun Day out with the Family in Dubai

Family holidays give you the opportunity to spend time with your partner and kids without the distractions of technology and the stress of work, allowing you to step away from ‘the real world’ for two weeks (if you’re lucky enough) and enjoy some time in the sun, by the sea, or exploring a new city and its museums and galleries.

Fun Day out with the Family in Dubai

If you are planning a family holiday to Dubai, we have put together a short guide that includes three places you can enjoy a day out with your kids and partner on a warm and welcoming day in the magical city:

Aquaventure Water Park – Atlantis, The Palm

Water parks are a family novelty when on holiday, as almost every city in every country with a warm climate around the world has at least one. Dubai has wonderful weather almost all year around, meaning that a trip to Aquaventure – a Dubai Aquapark- will not only be lots of fun for the young and young at heart, but will help you to keep cool during the day.

Aquaventure has two different areas – The Tower of Poseidon and The Tower of Neptune - each home to a number of thrilling rides and slides, and those that are more suitable to the smaller members of the family.

At The Tower of Poseidon, you will find the Aquaconda – the world’s largest slide in the world – and the Zoomerango that enables you to experience a burst of weightlessness. At The Tower of Neptune, you can expect to find the daring Leap of Faith, that plunges you through an acrylic tube surrounded by sharks and rays.

Children’s City
A paradise for the little ones in the family, Children’s City is a Dubai-based educational city dedicated to children aged two to fifteen years old.

Here, children can spend time with their family and other kids their age while investigating, exploring, playing, discovering, and learning about the beautiful world that we live in.

Made up on a number of galleries – some of which include Space Exploration, The Way We Live, Global Exhibition Section, Human Body, and Planetarium, to name just a small selection – your children can learn about the night skies, stars and galaxies, local trade and heritage that has influenced living in Dubai, and their very own body.

Creekside Park 

Located on the edge of Dubai Creek, Creekside Park is a glorious green oasis that can be found in the middle of the busy city.

You and your family can take a stroll down the beautiful paved promenade, sit by the water, hire a bike and go on a family ride through the park, take a ride on the Cable Car, or have a barbecue in the sunshine – there is nothing like good food and good company!

With vast areas with the greenest lawn you will ever set eyes on, Creekside Park is home to its very own botanical gardens, has numerous play areas where your children can run, jump and play safely while you enjoy a picnic, mini golf, and a go-kart track where you can all race each other.

Treat your family to a fun day outdoors away from the distractions of technology where you can enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company making memories that will last a lifetime.



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