6 Pets You Will Find In Most Homes

Pets are a sign of companionship. Both men and women are attached to their pets for various reasons. For single guys and girls out there, pets make for good company in the house, they keep you occupied with activities like playing games. We have emotional attachments to pets just like we do for human beings because they are living things which also have moods and personalities. Whichever pet you choose to keep, it will really depend on your budget, your personality and capacity to keep. The 6 types of pets that you will have in your life include dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, rabbits and ferrets.

Dogs, alongside cats

Dogs, alongside cats, are one of the most kept and common pets in the world.

In the US 73% of pet owners keep dogs. Six out of 10 Americans keep a dog at home. Dogs are so diverse in their breeds and species. There are poodles, German shepherds, Alsatians, Chihuahuas and Labradors. These are just some of the dogs you are likely to keep as pets. The number one quality that distinguishes dogs from other pets is loyalty. Dogs are incredibly loyal when they are treated right. Dogs as pets are good for walking and playing around the compound and the park. Dogs are easily trained and behave consciously as the pet owner would like. They are highly intelligent. Dogs offer the added value of security at the home. This particular pet is the one you are likeliest to keep.

Cats come a close second to dogs as popular pets.

Cats have superstitions around them which probably makes them unpopular in some places. Cats are good for company in the house. They love to snuggle close to you as a sign of affection and companionship. Cats are also low maintenance as compared to dogs. They are fearless and daring even if they are small in size. Cats also help to get rid of menaces like rats in the house. This is one which you will find in a number of houses.

For young pet owners, hamsters are a popular pet.

When most of us were young, we could not help but be pleased by the cuddly and innocent nature of hamsters. Hamsters are independent and self-entertaining so as a pet owner they would not need much attention. They are little balls of energy to have as pets. Pet birds are likely to be your next pet. Parrots are common pets. Birds are kept in cages and released once in a while once they have been domesticated. Pet birds are a worthy addition to the home as they bring colour and diversity. Pet birds like lovebirds and finches are charming.

Ferrets have boundless energy and they really like to play around.

They can keep you occupied at home. You can grow very attached to ferrets because they have a long life span of around 10 years which entrenches themselves into your conscience. Finally, rabbits are other pets you are likely to keep at home. They have qualities of companionship, friendliness, and are good looking. They are good if you have kids since they are all fuzzy and cute.

Those are the pets you are likely to have or already have had in your life.

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