UnitedHealth Group Incorporated Company History

For already very long time it has become clear: health is the only thing that became the real wealth. With growing diseases and illnesses, medical world and people are always trying to investigate and find solutions to those illnesses, bring innovations to the medical world and to prevent the development of such diseases. In other words, little by little we are realizing the importance of the healthy life and we are becoming more observant to our lifestyle.
UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group: Early years

People's ambition to reach a healthy life brought us to the point when the UnitedHealth Group Incorporated Company was established, back in 1977. Having the purpose of ensuring the health living of the population around the United States, the UnitedHealth Group starts bringing innovative thinking to the medical sphere and produces various new methods such as drug formularies or physician office software.

Pursuing the goal of reaching the highest level of care, UnitedHealth develops in various branches, starting from the health plan which was especially for seniors and their care, later on passing to the nursing homes. The group has special programs designed for each specter, each group and everyone is always getting equal care from UnitedHealth.

By always giving value to the relationship between physician and patient, UnitedHealth continues growing and brings the transplant network to the use. With the help of the best professional physicians and other important facilities it was helping to take care of people who had complicated medical needs.

Later on, after one another, UnitedHealth acquires the MetraHealth Companies Inc., HealthWise of America, HealthPartners of Arizona, thus in 1998 United HealthCare Corporation becomes more known as UnitedHealth Group.

21st century: new innovations are yet to come

21st century brings more and more innovations to history of development of the UnitedHealth Group. In 2000 the company launches myuhc.com, which was giving a wonderful opportunity to the costumers: now they were able to order their ID cards and, which is more important to be noted: the patients already had the opportunity to access online the needed health information.

Later on, UnitedHealth Group acquires also AmeriChoice, Mid Atlantic Medical Services and Touchpoint Health Plan.

Remaining faithful to all the values and goals with which the corporation was founded already 39 years ago, UnitedHealth continues its investigation and introduces eSync (to help personalize the medical data and information of the client), Diabetes Health Plan (to help diabetic people to cope with their conditions and the costs, connected with their health). One of the popular and widely spread innovation of the Group becomes the OptumizeMe app. By this fitness challenging app the group was trying to engage people in a more active life and make them have a healthier lifestyle.

In 2011 starts another important chapter of the Group: it launches The Optum Institute. This was an essential step with which the group could always investigate and always give care to people.
After this, the Group launches many other innovations and in 2015 joins with MedExpress, however, the values and goals of the group are remaining the same: help people to live healthier lives.

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