The Best Summer Jobs For Teens

A summer job is an important signal that shows that a teen is transiting from childhood to adulthood. One can term this situation as transitional or a rite of passage of a teen. As a teen transiting to adulthood, you need to cater for some of your needs and pay for your interests, leisure, and other activities by sourcing for a summer job. Summer jobs come with responsibility, knowledge, skills, maturity and handwork. In this review and discussion, we are going to discuss some of the best types of summer jobs for teens.

Best Summer Jobs For Teens


As a teen, you have already figured out who you want to be in the future or the area you want to specialize in a given field. To gain experience and skill in your future professional, you need to go for an internship. Remember, most of the organizations do not pay the interns, but the exposure, knowledge, and skills may lead to future employment. You can also use the recommendation of the entity you worked as an intern as an added advantage when sourcing for employment.

Lawn Care and Landscaping

Most people do not have time to care for their garden and lawn, and hence it provides a job opportunity for teens. Landscaping, as well as lawn care job opportunities, are many during the summer period. In case you are a teen and love outdoors activities, designing, and nature, landscaping is the best summer job for you, but you must be ready to work long hours and to do manual labor. This job teaches a teen about hard work, responsibility, time management as well as real innovations and creativity.

Food Services

In case your teen loves socializing and interacting with friends, and other people, food services provision (restaurant/hotel) might be the right option for him. There are various positions in a restaurant including server, cashier, food runner, dishwasher and much more. Allow him to choose for himself. This field can help your teen to develop social skills, responsibility, and self-esteem. It is also key to networking and job connection.

Camp Counselor

Are you a leader or an educator? If so, going for a camp counselor job is a wise decision for you. This position allows you to mentor and educate young kids by passing your knowledge and skills to them. Apart from being paid, you also develop loads of skills such as communication skills, conflict solving and leadership skills. In most cases, this job requires the teens to stay away from home which helps them in becoming independent as they transit from childhood to adulthood.


A teen who is good in working with pupils and students and have excelled well in school subjects, including English, Math, foreign languages, science, or computer systems, can improve his income level and knowledge in these topics by tutoring both adults and kids. You can teach children in various school subjects or teach the adults more advanced lessons such as technology, computer systems, and software applications.

Life Guard

For strong teen swimmers, this is an excellent choice for them. This job is a bit challenging since but it requires confidence and responsibility. In case you have completed certifications courses, you are going to sail through well in this job. Apart from being a high rewarding career, it also builds your confidence and decision-making skills.


Teens who enjoy living and nurturing kids should consider going for a summer job specifically as a babysitter or a nanny. It is a great job for teens who want to pursue careers in social work, child care, teaching or other fields that mostly require social skills as well as interaction with the kids. This job has a very high demand, especially during the summer period. The position requires a teen who is responsible and one who can solve conflicts amicably. The job pays very well, but it requires patience and hard work.

Golf Caddy

This summer job is excellent for teens who enjoy spending their time in outdoor activities. The position requires a teen to have understanding and knowledge of golf caddying. A teen must have a given extent of physical endurance since the job involves a lot of walking and carrying heavy golf clubs bags. However, the job has a reasonable pay.

As highlighted and discussed above, there are a variety of summer jobs for teens to choose from, but your choice as a teen should depend on your skills or your career goals. What you want to be in the future, is what you should be working for now. Note, the primary reasons for going for a summer job is to acquire knowledge, skills and experience not for pay.
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