Top 5 Apps to Optimize Ipad for Business Meetings

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Nowadays ipads have become one of the most versatile digital devices which are being used everywhere in the world.  The main reason behind the fame of this device is its advanced features which make it compatible with any usage whether it is for business purpose, for education or for research purposes. These devices are also a main part of any formal or informal business event like business meetings, annual conferences or seminars. Business managers try to entertain the event attendees by providing them ipad devices so that the attendees can take more advantage of business event by getting more involved in discussion and presentations through their ipads.

Although ipads are great devices to be used in business meetings however you can make it even more effective for business events by optimizing it according to usage. Here are few must to have apps which you should install on every ipad if you are going to use it for any business event.


Evernote is a great and very productive app to create and share notes during presentation. As you know that during presentation listeners keep making notes regarding to presentations to remember its key points or to highlight any specific areas. This app allows the users to add these notes right on presentation slides.

Idea Sketch

Idea Sketch is also an effective app to use in business meetings an event. This app let the users draw an idea in visual form which is a great way to explain any topic. This is also a must to have app especially for the speaker or presenter.


Skype is a very common app which almost every internet surfer has used it. However it can be an effective tool during business meetings because it can help you to conduct video conference or video meeting. So if any of your meeting attendee is located at remote destination and wants to attend the meeting then you can use this tool to join that person in video conference. The main advantage of using this tool is it is free of cost.

Meeting Assistant

Meeting assistant is all in one app for meetings. This tool allows you to organize and schedule meetings in a calendar. This tool also allows you to send invitation letters to meeting attendees automatically. It is available in paid version and free version. The paid version comes with a lot of features.


Dropbox is another good and very common app which people use to upload, download and share different files. This app is also great tool for business meetings as it allows sharing data between event participants effectively.

These are few tools which can make ipad formal or informal events friendly. These apps can help you to increase the performance of ipads in business meetings let you take maximum advantage from this device. 


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