5 Reasons To Discover Durban, South Africa


What comes to mind when the word Durban is mentioned? While it may invoke different images in the minds of different people, one thing we are sure of is that a great deal of us consider this city as a multicultural utopia. However, the coastal city located in eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa teems with more natural and human splendor that makes every tourist want to discover it. Join me as I take you through the top 5 of these attractions.

Durban, South Africa

The Durban Botanical Gardens

The Durban Botanical Gardens is a collection of an expansive land covered in exotic as well as indigenous trees and other plants. Needless to mention, this garden is the oldest public institution in the country and the continent’s oldest surviving botanical gardens? What does that mean? You stand a chance of viewing some of the world’s rarest plant species on this garden. With a total area of 15 hectares and situated in a subtropical climate, the garden is an ideal destination for any nature-loving tourist.

The Mitchell Park Zoo

The Mitchell Park Zoo, also simply referred to as the Mitchell’s Park is a zoo situated in the suburb of Morningside and the only zoo in the entire city of Durban. Why is it a reason to want to discover this city? Well, having been started as an exclusively Ostrich farm in 1910, the zoo recorded losses and the farm administrators were forced to introduce other animals to mitigate against that. The zoo has, at one time, hosted some of the larger animals such as the Indian Elephant, an iconic elephant named Nellie that entertained visitors through its extraordinary abilities such as the ability to crush coconuts with its own feet as well as blow a mouth organ. Today, a visit to this zoo will introduce you to animals such as the small South American Monkeys, the blue duiker, raccoons and a wide collection of bird species.

The North Beach

The North Beach is situated north of the harbor and bluff and sandwiched between the Bay of Plenty and the Dairy Beach. The beach is under the care of the Durban Surf Lifesaving Club and is an ideal holiday destination due to its favorable surfing conditions. In addition to surfing, the beach also provides facilities for paddle ski, skateboarding, body boarding and plain swimming as well as sun bathing. With restaurants also situated within close proximity, you may as well opt for this beach for your entire day trip.

The Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World

This casino is known for enhancing the nightlife of Durban city, thanks to the fact that it operates 24/7. Situated at the northern end of the city’s Golden Mile, the complex conveniently houses other related facilities such as restaurants, cinemas, a beach bar as well as the casino’s own semi-private beach. The casino offers a wide array of slot and table games for both smoking and non-smoking zones. Indeed, this complex houses the largest casino in the entire country. Oftentimes, the casino is used by recreational cyclists as their training base before they can begin riding up the North Coast. It is also worth mentioning that the casino serves as the start of the Tour de Nandos cycle race that takes place in September and also the end of the Amashovashova National Classic in October.

The Gateway Theatre of Shopping

As the name suggests, you would expect this mall to be huge enough but learning that it is Africa’s biggest mall; that gives us a reason to want to discover Durban. It is one among the top 50 largest malls in the world and here, anything goes quite literally. From movie theatres to over 90 restaurants, 400 store, endless indoor fun fair and an arcade and theme park, the mall is in a league of its own.

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