5 Reasons To Discover Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Pietermaritzburg is the second-largest city as well as the capital of the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Founded in 1838, this industrial hub also plays home to many tourist attraction sites, thus carefully positioning the greater region on the travel and leisure map. In this article, we shall discuss the five top reasons why you should discover Pietermaritzburg with a view to enlightening you on why you need to have the area as part of your plans as you plan for your next business vacation or romantic getaway.

KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Garden

How amazing does it feel to sit back and behold the wonder of Mother Nature? At KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Garden, you get a rare opportunity to view some of the most exotic plant species. It is, therefore, an ideal place for a romantic getaway or even as an education field excursion spot. Ever dreamt of going trailing while sandwiched between beautiful and enchanting flowers and trees, look to this garden for just that.

Voortrekker Museum

The Voortrekker Museum presents all tourists with an opportunity to reconnect with the past. The museum features certain artifacts that might come in handy in educating curious tourists on the history of the whole region and that of its people. Being such an architectural marvel, this museum clearly stands out as one of the reasons why you would discover Pietermaritzburgh. Take advantage of the ample parking lot to spend as much of your time here as possible.

The Scottsville Race Course

How enchanting would it be to spend part of your vacation on a race course simply watching every race horsing that takes place in there? However, make no mistake as race horsing is not the only activity that goes on in this Race Course. The spot also boasts highly spacious rooms in hotels with lots of comfort features. Perhaps what makes the Race Course stand out is the fact that it also hosts a casino known as the Golden Horse where you can go and place your bets as you watch the races unfold.

The Tatham Art Gallery

The city of Pietermaritzburgh also caters to the art lovers, thanks to the presence of Tatham Art Gallery. The gallery features an array of artistic items elegant enough to appeal to the curiosity of any art lover. The gallery hosts regular music recitals as well as exhibitions. Take advantage of the ample and safe parking space to make the most of your stay here. Complete with a coffee shop, the gallery sits pretty as one of the reasons why you should discover Pietermaritzburg.

African Bird of Prey Sanctuary

Don’t you just love bird watching? These little beautiful creatures are so diverse that it is difficult to watch the different kinds in one hour without losing count. At the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary in Pietermaritzburg, you are presented with hundreds of bird species. The sanctuary is cool and serene and with the enchanting bird calls and songs, I would admit this place is, a personal favorite for a romantic getaway. Evidently, there are many reasons to discover Pietermaritzburg and whatever your fancies are, you can rest assured that this place will be able to meet them.

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