Useful Seo Techniques in 2016

With the passage of time trends are changing in every field of life and also in search engine optimization. As an seo expert it’s very necessary to keep close look on up to date seo trends to have a successful seo campaign. In past few years google has evolved its algorithm and now it uses auto intelligence to differentiate between good contents and backlinks. Google uses these algorithms to rank a site in search results. In 2016 Google has changed a lot of ranking factors and sometimes, what was legitimate in early 2010 seo techniques have become obsolete and considered as black hat. So if you want to run a successful seo campaign for a site then its critical to have a look on recent seo factors which google considers to rank sites in 2016. According to google there are almost two hundred ranking factors however in this article we will list down only the most import ranking factors and what have changed in these factors.

On Page Optimization: With the passage of time on page optimization has become more important in SEO. Google considers different tags to see that if a site is really relevant to keyword or not. However On page optimization in these days is quite different. In past google was conscious with keyword density and keyword tags in a page but now keyword density and keyword tags have become less important. Now while writing an article it’s not much necessary to use keywords as it is for several time in a content. It’s also not necessary to add keyword tag in a webpage to rank it. Site loading speed has also become an important on page seo factor which google considers to rank a website. A site with high loading speed usually rank higher than a site with less loading speed.  To optimize site loading speed there are different tools and plugins available. You can also boost your site loading speed by switching to a high quality hosting server.

Backlinks: From the begning of seo, backlinks were the most solid ranking factor which google considers while ranking a site. However now google algorithm has become more quality oriented rather than quantity oriented which means now you must focus on quality backlinks and not rely on quantity of backlinks to have successful seo campaign.

Page Rank: In past google page rank was another huge ranking factor. Sites with higher page rank were more likely to get rankings than a low pr site. However, now in 2016 page rank has become obsolete. Now Google don’t update page rank so every site has no page rank at this time.

 Contents: As I described before that google algorithms have become more intelligent and now they have ability to differentiate between high quality contents and low quality contents. Because of this now google ranks a site better with good content structure and quality contents. It never ranks sites with low quality contents so it’s very necessary to add a good amount of quality contents on your site to make it more trust worthy for google.

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