7 Best Places to Visit in Nawalgarh

Nawalgarh is one of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan. The great rulers managed to provide the architectural wonders and the beautiful temples in Rajasthan. The amazing colours of the frescos to the stories told by the paintings on the walls of the Havelis attract travellers from all over the world.

Places to Visit in Nawalgarh

The places of this town are famous for its cultural richness. One can visit these places for the photographs of mesmerizing sights of Havelis, or to spend a little time in understanding the colourful culture of Nawalgarh town. Even though local people believe in simple living, there are some of the most luxurious rajasthan hotels in this town

So, now when you are planning to visit Nawalgarh, here are the 7 best places you should not miss at all.

1. Poddar Haveli

People who are interested in educating themselves about the culture of Rajasthan should keep this place first on the list. Poddar Haveli is a beautiful palace turned into a museum. It showcases artefacts, paintings, and different items that represent the festivals and customs of Rajasthan. However, there are also plenty other artworks showcasing international historical times and antiques such as motorcars, machines. 

2. Morarka Haveli

Morarka Haveli is the second most famous place that people visit in this town. Unlike Poddar Haveli, Morarka Haveli is in its original form. The palace is known for the amazing paintings and the murals showcasing Rajasthani festivals and telling the stories of the Royal families. 

3. Bala Qila 

Telling the history of Jaipur and Nawalgarh through the colourful impressions on the walls and ceilings, Bala Qila is a piece of art. The beauty of the lustrous paintings further enhances due to the studded mirrors. People from all over the world come to see the mesmerizing sight of the ceilings of Bala Qila. 

4. Aath Haveli

Aath Haveli of Nawalgarh offers a variety of artwork that is appreciated on international levels. From the local people to the environment of the modern India, one can find a glimpse of whole India at this place. 

5. Sheesh Mahal

The real talent of the royal craftsmen can only be seen in this palace. The fine frescos and the murals on the ceilings look gorgeous. All in all, this can be said an architectural marvel of Rajasthan.

6. The villages of Shekhawati

The villages of Shekhawati region are the best places to feel and enjoy the local culture of Rajasthan. There are many public means of transport that can take you to these areas. However, you can also hire private tours in order to see these places.

7. The market of Nawalgarh

It is true that the real experience of any places lies in the streets and markets of the city. In Nawalgarh too, the beautiful shops and vendors selling different items will steal your heart. 

Hence, these are the 7 best places that Nawalgarh offers to their guests. However, jhunjhunu hotels are the other beautiful offering of this area too. So, pack your bags!



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