Buying vs Renting Ipads and Tablets for Business Events

In this era technology is getting involved in almost every field of life and changing our day to day practices. In business world the scenario is almost same. Business events are also evolving with the passage of time. Usage of ipads and tablet devices in business meetings Is also a part of this huge change. In past the presentations medium was centralized. Huge projector displays and leds were used to show presentations slides during a business meeting, conference or any other event. But now trend is changed. Now event organizers prefer to provide tablets and ipads to each of their event attendee to view presentations on his or her ipad or tablet screen. However for most of the business owners its not possible to arrange a huge quantity of ipads to organize their business events so they prefer to hire ipads for it. In this article I am going to discuss pros and cons of buying and renting ipads for business events.

Buying an Ipad:
Buying and maintaining a huge inventory of ipads and tablet devices is an option to use these devices during an event. Some companies buy bulk of ipads and tablets and keep them to be used on any collective business event. Here are the pros and cons of buying ipads for a business event.

No rent: Buying ipads is a onetime investment and you will not need to pay any rent, every time you organize an event.

Facility for Employees: An ipad inventory can also be used to facilitate employees so they can manage their office work through their officially provided ipad, from anywhere.

Customization: By owning inventory of ipads an organization can configure these devices according to requirements so there is no need to configure ipads for every business event.

Technological Obsolete Risk: If your organization is owning a huge inventory of ipads then there is a risk of being technological obsolete is associated with it. Its because whenever a newer version of devices is introduced in market the old version loses its value.

Heavy Investment: Buying bulk of ipads is not a cheap solution. It requires heavy investment of several thousand dollars.

Extra Hassle: Marinating inventory of ipads is also an extra hassle for a company because it requires proper maintenance.

Hiring Ipads: Hiring ipads for a business event is second option in which you can organize ipads for a business event without buying them all you need is to pay daily rent for ipads you hire. This option also comes with pros and cons.

No Investment: Hiring ipads, for business events don’t require huge investment to buy these devices. All you need to pay is just daily rent.

No Maintenance: By renting an ipad, you don’t require any maintenance.

Daily rent: If you hire ipads and tablet devices you will have to pay rent each day you will keep the devices.

These are few benefits and disadvantages of hiring or renting ipads for a business event.



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