Giving Birth with The Help of a Doula or Midwife in Mumbai

Giving birth, and afterwards, the transition from pregnancy to motherhood, all of it constitutes a very significant part in a woman’s life. But, of course, it is barely easy, and a mother is expected to need a helping hand, apart from the husband and other members of the family. For this purpose, two kinds of people are the most helpful, midwives, and doulas, and hiring them should be easy enough, keeping in mind certain precautions and knowing what is best for the mother, as well as her baby.

From the time, immemorial, the midwives have been associated with the pregnancy and in the rural areas, till now, 35% of the pregnancy cases are dealt by them. Moreover, under their supervision, the pregnancies are mostly natural without cesarean. But as the time has changed and need of medical facilities and doctors becoming mandatory, their role has been shortening but not omitted as they still have the same importance for a mother and baby. They take care of both of them in the initial phase of pregnancy.

Availability of doulas

Doulas in Mumbai are available widely. The bond between a doula and a mother is actually very close and special, as the doula is the best possible friend and companion for a mother during her entire stages of pregnancy, as well as maternity. A mother’s relationship with a doula begins a long time before the actual due date, and she can have the best person to ask questions and get honest, reliable answers regarding the birthing process and more.

Types of doulas and the services they offer

In this context, there are actually two separate kinds of doulas; there are birth doulas and postpartum doulas. The birth doula or the labour doula as she is also known as offers every possible nonmedical technique during your labour process, including different exercises for your health, breathing, massages, physiotherapy, and helping you move around and your body, into different positions. Labour doulas are also excellent sources of emotional support, during a mother’s most important stages, and they can also act as advocates, on the mother’s behalf.  Having a doula around should be able to make her feel empowered, safe and secure. She will be aided by the doula in taking important decisions such as medications and having a caesarean or a natural birth and so on. It should be kept in mind, however, that they are not substitutes for doctors or midwives as they do not have the required qualifications or medical training.

 A postpartum doula helps a new mother in her journey from childbirth to actually being a mother. They help the mother recover from the heavy birthing process and can act as nannies for the new born babies, and guide the new mothers throughout the entire breast – feeding process and other things to which the mother is new.

Midwives and their services

Like doulas, it is also pretty easy to find and hire the right midwives in Mumbai to help a mother in the medical processes. A midwife is a trained professional in the medical field, and in particular, birthing processes. Certified midwives are qualified enough to provide expecting mothers with the same kind of services as gynaecologists. They mostly promote natural birth and provide the best possible services to a mother wanting to give natural birth.

Both midwives, as well as doulas, are very important parts of a mother’s life. They are both necessary, especially if a woman is giving natural birth and needs the proper guidance and support through it. Make sure you hire for yourself the right doulas and midwives


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