How Small Sites can Compete with Big sites in Seo

In physical as well as digital market small brands always find it difficult to complete big brands. In digital market or seo big branded sites reserve a lot of resources which small sites don't have. These resources help big brands to grow faster than small brands. So being a small or new site owner you must need a good seo strategy to compete with big brands. Here are few ways you can use to plan your seo strategy which can help you to compete and out rank big brands with minimum resources. 

Big Sites Advantages: 

Big branded sites always have more resources and advantages which help to occupy online market more easily than small brands. To complete with larger sites you must have the idea that what advantages the big brand have so that you can counter these advantages with your SEO strategy.

Domain Authority: The main advantage a big branded site have is its domain authority. These sites usually have higher domain authority which help them to rank their sub pages for keywords with very few or no backlinks. 

Quantity and Diversity of Backlinks profile: Big brands usually have a lot of backlinks from different channels which new sites don't have.

Trustworthiness:  Big branded sites have built trustworthiness in past years by associating with other brands. They also have customer awareness.

Financial resources: Big brands also have a lot of financial resources which new sites don't have. The big site owners can invest a lot of money whenever they need it.

These are the advantages of big brands. By don't having these advantages with small sites it becomes difuclt to complete with big brands for small sites. However being a small site owner you can also assess your advantages of being small. By using these advantages you can plan your strategy to out rank big brands.

Small Site Advantages

Focus: Small sites can focus on different small things. Like they can focus on seo only however being big brand you can;t skip any thing to target another.

Creativity: Being small site owner you can be a bit creative than big branded sites. You can comp up with a new idea which big sites are ignoring.

Niche Appeal: Small sites can be more niche oriented than big sites. They can bypass broad niches and can target smaller niches where competition is already low.

These are the few advantages you can use to compete big sites. To use these advantages in your seo you can develop your strategy which can reap these advantages against big sites. 


If you have a smaller site with no or very small backlinks profile then you can;t compete with big brands except you are targeting the areas where big sites are week. Big sites usually target huge keywords like "Cheap Hotels" or "cheap flights". You can choose city oriented keywords like "cheap hotels in Las Vegas" or "cheap flights in New York". For city oriented keywords the big brands usually have weaker pages so you can easily outrank the week pages with your new site.

An other way to compete big sites is by focusing and being extra resourceful for a certain area. You can choose a keyword or a set of keywords which are more important to you and can use more resources than big sites are using for that specific Keyword or set of keywords.Hope that these strategies will help you to grow your new sites just like the huge sites are growing.

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