How to choose a perfect tent for your picnic?

Camping tents come in all shapes and sizes. When you set out to buy a tent for your picnic, you will have a tough time because of the varieties that the market has to offer. You will be confused on what to choose and what not to. This is when you will have to act wise and put your comforts on top of the designs.

Below are a few helping tips that you will need when you go for tent shopping this time around –

Size –

Well, size does matter. The size of your tent will depend on the number of people who will be staying inside it. If you are the only camper, then you will need a basic small tent. If there are two or three people more, then you will need a much bigger and spacious tent. Make sure you find a tent that is wide enough to let you sleep comfortably during the nights. Also, let there be extra space in case you will have to keep your luggage and stuff inside.

Shape of the tent –

There are several shapes of tents – a frame, umbrella, dome and so on. You must see which one you will feel comfortable in. For that, do a trial of standing, sitting and sleeping inside a tent before you buy it. When you are alone, you will need a small a frame tent, when you are with a group, you will be comfortable in an umbrella tent. Whichever shape you choose, make sure that the tent is easy to erect and dispatch. Also, make sure that the poles that you choose are flexible and easy to use.

Quality –

The material of the tent is very important. It should be sturdy and withstand any kind of weather situations. The most commonly used fabric is the nylon. Try and choose a tent with thinner, yet strong fabric because the heavier the fabric, you will have a tough time carrying the tent. It will become a trouble especially when you are hiking and have to carry your own stuff.

Cost –

You will not be using the tent all through the year. Except if you are a regular camper, you will hardly use the tent once or twice the whole year. So, it is wise to not invest most of your money into the tent. Buy a good quality tent in a reasonable budget unless you want t splurge your money.

Check it thoroughly –

Before you bring home the tent, make sure that you check the tent once. You must make sure that the fabric does not have any holes or damages. The zippers must be checked once or twice. Get the tent mounted and then inspect it. Later on, you can make the purchase.

These are the most basic things that you must know while you buy a tent. When you go to a simple or luxury tents manufacturers, you must know about these basic things. Choose a good tent that comes with a warranty and is durable so that you can use it for many years. 


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