How to choose a wedding planner for your wedding?

The pressure of organizing a wedding is unexplainable. It becomes more impossible for you to plan a wedding when you are a working person. The easy way out is to hire a good wedding planner. From the deco to the food, everything will be looked after by the wedding planner. All you have to do is sit back and relax. The wedding planners sweat it out to make your wedding a grand success. They do all the tough jobs while you can just walk into your own wedding like a guest. 

It all sounds good. But, your wedding will be a success only when you hire the right planners. If you hire an incompetent and inexperienced wedding planner, everything will surely go wrong and make the wedding a big flop. So, think twice or even hundred times before you hire a wedding planner. Here are some handy tips for hiring a super wedding planner –

Experience –

When it comes to planning a wedding, nothing can beat experience. Find a company that has planned many weddings and knows the rope well. The planners who have been there and done that will know what should be given prime importance and what should be neglected. They will know which the best banquet halls in Delhi are and what flowers look good during the night. They have all the crisis management tactics and that is what you will need while planning an unsure function such as weddings.

Budget –

The first thing that you must discuss with your planner is the budget of your wedding. Be cut throat about your budget and tell them that you cannot extend the budget no matter what. Find a planner who charges fair amount of price and is practical according to the market values. Some planner just over charge you by giving fake bills. So, have a proper budget figured out before the preparations begin.

Reputation –

The wedding planners must have a good reputation in the wedding business circle. Read about them and do a bit of background research. Only efficient and good quality work will be well known in the industries such as wedding planning because there are many companies on every street promising to get you married in style. So, you must get to know about the previous works of the planners and their reputation.

Style –

Each wedding planner has his own theme and style. Talk to the planners and tell them what you expect from them. Some planners organise lavish and high budget, modern weddings with contemporary themes where as some do the humble and traditional weddings. Think about what kind of wedding you are going to have. Then, you can find a wedding planner according to your needs.

There are hundreds of wedding planners in Delhi and it is certainly a task for you to find the one that will make you a fairy-tale wedding setting. Be very realistic and practical when you are choosing a wedding planner. You must make sure that the planners connect with you and your idea of the wedding.


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