How to make your job search more productive

If you have just completed your graduation then your first priority must be getting a good job in your desired industry. However this is not difficult because here is when real life begins. Managers like to hire experienced employees and being fresh graduate you don't have any experience which makes even more difficult for you secure a job. So as  a fresh graduate you must need extra preparation for job hunting and must offer something which other job applicants are not offering. Here are few tips for you to make your job search more effective and result oriented.

Optimize your CV and Cover Letter: Mostly people use same cv and cover letter while applying for a job. In fact it is a big mistake. Using same cv is for all jobs is not good idea. You must need to change your cv and cover letter a bit to make it relevant to the job you are applying for. For example if you are applying for "computer operator" job then you might want to highlight your computer skills. You can ad different MS Office related skills or projects in your cv. However if you are applying for project management job then you might want to mention your educational work in project management or any special tools you can use in this field.

Don't Rely on Online Application: Applying for job online is an effective and effortless way to apply for a job however it fully relying on it is definitely not recommended. You must need other ways to search for job. You can visit career consultancy office in your university or college or can visit offices of different companies in your area and can place your cv there.

Follow up: Mostly people only send their cv and cover letter to hr manager and consider it enough to search a job which is not true. Following up your job application is a great way to highlight your cv in hr manager mind. To do so you can simply call or visit hr manager office personally and can ask them about their decision on your job application. This way you can make your cv dominant in manager's mind.

These are few of the ways make your job search more effective and result oriented. By keeping these things in your mind while searching for a job you can simply dominate cv's of even experience job candidates. 

Author Bio: This article is published by Sara jim who is HR manager and recruiter at DITRC which is one of the top staffing firms in gulf countries. 



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