How to Write a SEO Optimized and Google Friendly Blog Post

If you own a blog then the chances are that you already know basics of writing a good blog post for your blog. However it is useless if your blog post is not getting traffic or views so its writing a quality article for your blog is not just enough. It takes more than that to write a seo optimized blog post which can attract traffic from google and other search engines. Writing a seo optimized blog post is not much difficult. All you need is just to take care of technical things of seo while writing a blog post. In this article i am going to explain about how you can write a blog post which can actually rank in google. So here we go.

Keyword Research: To rank a blog post page on google its very necessary to tared a keyword or set of keywords in your article. If your article is not targeting any keyword then chances are google is not going to show your site in search results. So before writing a seo optimized blog post, its very necessary to make it seo oriented. You can use different keyword research tools like Market Samurai, Travis, Jaaxy etc to research your niche related keywords.

Keyword optimization: Once you have picked your keyword, now its time to write a quality post on that. Following are few things which you can take in to account to make your site optimized for your targeted keyword.

Title: TO optimize a blog post its very necessary to use your keyword in article title. If your article is not having keyword in its title then google won't rank it or it will take a lot of back links, time and effort to tank.

Body: Using phrase match keyword in article body is also a necessary step to optimize a blog post. Best places to use your keyword in article body is the first and last paragraph of your article.

Reference Links: Usually bloggers ad links to their articles for seo purpose. They add links of their guest bloggers sites only. However the best way to write an effective article is to reference links in your article to quality sites, in order to support your content. However while linking to a site you must consider quality sites because google can hit your site rankings due to linking to a bad neighbor.

Social Media Button: For every blog post its very necessary to add social buttons to your article so that users can share your article on social sites.

These are few tips to write a SEO optimized article. By following all of these steps now you can proceed to link building so you can rank your blog post page for your targeted keyword.

Author Bio: This article is published by Sara jim who is working as seo and ppc malta specialist at which is a well reputed digital marketing company in malta.


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