Mehendi Designs Ideas for You

Applying Mehndi on hands is literally an art form and one needs to master this art if they need to put and draw various designs on their hands with Henna (the other name of Mehendi). There are different art patterns and body patterns available which one needs to draw on their hand to make various and unique designs.

Mehendi is mainly applied on hands before various occasions and festivals like Diwali, KarvaChauth and most commonly on weddings. The ‘would be’ bride always applies Mehendi on her hands before her big day, and at present, this ritual has become very popular and compulsory as well. There are famous mehendi artists in Delhi, who can be hired before the big day and they apply some unique mehendi designs on the bride’s hand.

However, if you want to make a design on your own; there are some easy patterns which one can draw on their hands without messing it up. Yes, if one is willing to draw patterns on their hands, then they can go through these following designs which are easy to draw and maintain.

·    Go for a creeper design if you are trying to make patterns with mehendi for the first time. This is one of the easiest designs one can think of and this is the basic which can be easily drawn on palms and on your legs, as well. Go ahead and begin with it.

·      Circles with polka dots is another design which one can try when they are trying their hands on mehendi designs. This is a very simple and round design with small dots all around which makes your hand look fuller and beautiful.

·      If you are applying mehendi on hands for wedding, then nothing can be better than a heart design. This design is mainly drawn on the hand of the brides, and it is easy to make this pattern. One can also add designs on it.

·     Floral designs are always attractive and beautiful. These designs are always in fashion. For beginners, these designs are always easy to make. Flowers can be of any shapes and one can elaborate the designs with leaves and stems. They are easy to make and it looks beautiful too.

·     Do you want a trendy design for any occasion or a family get together? Then do not go for those traditional flowery and heart designs. Go for something fashionable and latest like chess board designs. This pattern is very trendy, and it looks nice as well. You can go for this easy chess board designs which looks simple or you can also make this chess board design inside a flower or a heart design.

·        Easy leafy patterns are also good as mehendi designs and they look very trendy on hands.
There are best mehendi artist in Delhi if one wants to hire a professional to make designs on their hands. Otherwise, it is a cool idea to make one on your own which you can flaunt before your friends and family.



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