Recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovery from knee replacement surgery depends on the individual case and nature of surgery. Most of all, it is crucial to follow the instructions of the hospital for your recovery program.

Recovery from knee transplant surgery in India is as follows:

After Surgery

After the procedure, you will be admitted to a recovery room. Here you will be provided a switch that enables you to safely administer pain killers to yourself. Also, you may be provided oxygen via tubes or a mask. You may be given a blood transfusion, if needed.

Your surgical wound will be protected by a large bandage. Different drains may be used to siphon away blood from the site of surgery to avoid its collection at the wound site. Till the wound is healed, wound dressing will be changed at regular intervals.

knee transplant surgery

Standing Up and Moving

Caregivers will help you stand and move around as fast as possible. In case of minimally invasive surgery, it is possible for you to walk the same day after your surgery. Within 12 to 24 hours of surgery, you may be helped to stand.

Doctor will encourage you to walk with crutches or frame. Most patients are able to walk normally aided by sticks within a week but this also depends on the individual case.

During hospital stay, a physiotherapist will teach you effective exercises that will help in healing of your knee and resumption of normal activities. This begins the day after the operation and one must not neglect these instructions in order to prevent complications. 

In the beginning, you may experience swelling and pain, but this will subside. Your leg may be put on a passive motion machine for the restoration of your leg and knee. It will prevent swelling and enhance blood circulation.

Getting Back Home:

You may stay in hospital for 3-5 days depending on your condition.  Patients who have had half knee replacement will stay in hospital for a shorter time.

At home, be prepared to feel tired. Since this is a major operation, tissue and muscles in your knee will heal only gradually. Always follow the instructions of your surgical team and call your primary doctor if there are any complications.

At home, you will need assistance of some on else, at least for the first few weeks. It is very important that you perform the exercise prescribed by your physiotherapist for your full recovery.  Your physio will monitor your progress.

Six weeks after surgery, you may be able to walk without crutches and resume normal activities of leisure. But pain and swelling may subside only after three months. Leg swelling may take a year to disappear.

It may take around 2 years for the new knee to heal and recover. Healing of scar tissue and restoration of muscles will take place during this period. Recovering from knee replacement/transplant in India is a process that requires patience.

Even after recovery, it is best to avoid extreme sports like mountain biking and skiing. In the first three months, one can do light chores like washing up and dusting. But avoid hard tasks like making bed and vacuuming. One must not stand for long periods to prevent swelling of ankles and for the first 6 weeks, avoid bending down or stretching up.


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