Tips to selecting the perfect bag for your dress

Are you planning to wear a dress for an upcoming occasion? Do you like to wear dresses in general? Well, then you should already know that no dress is ever complete without the right bag to match the outfit. Just a second, matching a bag with your dress does not mean going for the same colour or material. It is all about hitting the right combination and that can be in contrast too! You just have to know what ticks and what doesn’t!

If you think you need some help when it comes to styling your bag with your dress, the below pointers will no doubt come extremely in handy:

1.      Suppose you are going to a rather formal evening party and you have decided to wear a black gown dress. So, what kind of bag should you carry? Go for a red or black with sequined bags. If you opt for plain black dress with plain black bag it makes a rather boring combination and contrary to popular belief, it is not at all sophisticated. In fact, to add a little pop of colour you can even team up your outfit with a pair of red stilettos or plums.

2.      If you are heading out for an evening with friends, with a really colorful and printed dress bought from versace jeans online India, then you can go for a plain side sling bag. You can go for a leather finish and if the dress is short and you are wearing boots, you can match the colour of your sling with your shoes. This is bound to drawn some eyes to you.

3.      We often tend to go for bright single coloured dresses and more often than not people mess up the accessories that they carry with them. If it is a gown dress, then go for nothing but a clutch. Make sure that the colour of the clutch is a metallic shade of the colour of the dress. Never pair a bright dress with a bright coloured bag. If the dress is of knee length, then you can also opt for a side sling of the same colour with a metallic sling.

4.      If you are heading out for brunch with your friends in a floral dress, then hand bags of various colours make a really cool accessory. You can opt for versace jeans buy online options and look for bags of different colours. Pair the dress with the right shoes and you will definitely look your best.

5.      There are occasions when we prefer to wear shimmery dresses. So if you decide to done a shimmery dress or gown you have to make sure that the bag does not contain any shimmers at all. Too much shimmer blinds the eye and takes away the beauty of the entire look. Instead opt for neutral colours that are bold and stand out. For example, with a dress of grey shimmers, you can go for a red or peacock blue clutch.

If you love to wear dresses and want to make sure that you are carrying the perfect bag with you, then you will definitely find these tips really handy.


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