When you know there’s a New Year Party Waiting for You!

Nowadays, there are two main things that most people in India are talking about – the upcoming wedding season and New Year holidays that will start right from Christmas for some people and end only when the New Year has been rung in. You may be a little annoyed at the elaborate plans people are making to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but there is every reason for you to do the same!

If you’ve decided to be a part of one of the New Year parties in Delhi this year, or you have some other plans that include some outdoor activities or just spending some quality time with your friends, family, or relatives over a long lunch or dinner, then there are some preparations you too should make to enjoy this time to the fullest:

1.       For those who stay away from home, you should have booked your travel tickets by now, no matter how you will be travelling. Flights, trains, cabs – all these services will be booked to their maximum capacity during the New Year period, so pre-booking where possible is always, always recommended!

2.       Plan where you will be staying if you will be heading to a different place this year. Accommodation would be scarce in most places because this is a holiday season and many people will need to rent hotel rooms or other lodging facilities. So, unless you’re staying at someone’s home, you had best make your lodging arrangements too in advance, preferably together with your travel plans. You also enjoy major discount deals from travel websites for such combo plans!

3.       Get those precious gifts well in advance or you will have to select a reasonably suitable gift from the leftovers of other people. You may not like the choices or pay a lot of money for the good gifts, and the recipient too may not be that impressed.

4.       If there is an event that you are planning to attend, then make sure you try and book entry passes or tickets for the same, also in advance! Remember – this is the time of the year when most people will make it a point to celebrate to the maximum and this usually includes plenty of wining and dining! So, before all those restaurants, clubs, and lounges get full, head out early and book your place there or reach the venues early so that you can enjoy a good meal in a relaxed way.

5.       For those of you who wish to stay at home and set your own partying ambiance in it, there are preparations that you too need to make! Make sure you stock up on liquor, food, and the other refreshments that you will need for the party. There will be a lot of rush at stores selling these items and you may end up missing all the fun of the party just because you had stand in shop queues for so long!

A little preparation and lots of enthusiasm will surely go a long way in making your New year plans fun ones! 


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