Benefits Of Enjoying Outdoor Winter Activities

What is winter? This is basically a season of cold weather in countries above the tropics. It basically cold weather. Winter is experienced in countries above the tropics. This season is very frustrating and most people in those countries especially European countries tend to be indoors most time.

Winter Activities

Outdoor winter activities which is the main body in this article can be defined as the activities done for fun/recreation during this period of cold season. These activities are basically for fun. This sounds peculiar especially for those people in other countries that do not experience this season especially from African countries whom perceive and think that the white people spend most times in the house and there are no recreational activities .This is not the case people who are born in this countries or have traveled to this countries as natives know the importance and recreational part of this. These recreational activities are not limited hence they apply to both adults and kids. There are general outdoor winter activities for both adults and kids and some apply to kids basically and adults basically.Huh! Sounds funny to hear adults behaving like kids.

Outdoor activities that apply to both (adults and kids)

These outdoor activities include:

1) Ice skating which sounds very fun, imagine how you can surf through the cold ice. Wow! This sounds extremely hilarious
2) Renting some snow shoes
3) Going cross country skiing
4) Building a winter bonfire
These outdoors activities are many but listed above are just but the few outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities for kids

These activities include:

1) playing winter horse shoes
2) Skating
3) Sledding
4) Making ice hand out
Don’t they sound fun for kids? You should experience this!

These are some but a few of them I have listed but they are many.

Outdoor activities for adults

These activities include:

1) one can plan for a road trip
2) Start a vacation fund
3) Dye your clothes
These are some of the outdoor activities but they are fun during this cold season. Am sure you may want to experience this. It’s simple! Just take a trip to the USA especially the state of California or any counties above the tropics.

Benefits of outdoor winter activities

At times people tend to think that these activities are of no benefits. People tend to think that they are just for fun only not knowing very they are of great benefits to one health. I know will be shocked to hear this. Yes! This is very true, these activities are of great benefits to one’s body. Most people think getting yourself exposed to the cold is a guarantee of sickness which are diseases associated with the cold. These unexpected health benefits include:

1) Cold increases best metabolism
People who are exposed to the cold tend to have speedier metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body mechanism operates. Metabolism includes a lot of body activities. Spending out in cold every day can help burn more energy. This has an additional benefits to your cardio functions

2) Helps your body produce vitamin A
According to the Franciscan and mayo Medicare and healthcare these activities help the body produce vitamin D sunlight causes your body make vitamin Vitamin D is important for making healthy bones and teeth.

3) Burning of more energy

These activities at times may involve a lot of energy hence the heat produce during these activities is used to burn fat accumulated in one’s body hence burning of more energy providing an effective cardio work out. One’s body is less effective in the cold weather. This is also a one of the good party ideas - to spend your party outdoor.

4) Strengthen immune system
Immune is the ability of the body to fight against diseases and infections. As one does those activities it helps escape from indoor germs and bacteria. This is essential because these bacteria will not get into contact with your body system hence keeping healthy!

5) Breathe fresh air
Most parents blame this cold weather for common colds and flu, but most of this germs and bacteria are circulated in the closed environments. There is nothing more refreshing than gulping in fresh air direct from the cold air. This air is clean because it helps moist your body tissues increasing metabolism.

Conclusion and Review

In conclusion are not only for fun but they are of great and substantial benefits to our bodies. Having these recreational activities will decrease chances of death at a younger age. Exercises like these should not be abolished and critiqued by the illiterate rather they should be promoted and appreciated.

Ashley Robbins is author of this article, she writes for traveler blog.


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