How To Deal With Boring Lesson

Some classes are just so boring and they seem like they will never end. Staring t the clock and wishing for the time to move faster will not help. It will just keep ticking and will even seem slower. But you do not have to stub yourself with that pencil in a bored class.

Boring Lesson

There are several things you can do to deal with such classes and make it to the end.

Take notes and ask questions

If you are really bored bust still want to gains some knowledge from the class then the best thing to do is take notes. Even if you do not like how the teacher is teaching you can use your text book to make notes on whatever is being taught. What the teacher is teaching may not be interesting enough to capture your attention. Ask a question whose answer is likely to be a little less boring than what the lesson is about. You can even throw in a joke to help classmate regain their attention.

Use your phone for distraction

Never leave your phone while going to class. Even if there are rules against it, just be careful that you are not caught. Put the phone in vibration mode and when you cannot listen to the teacher for another second make use of it. There are many things you can do with the phone. You could text friends (classmates or others) or scroll through your social media account. Some people even play video game. No matter what it is that you choose to do with your phone be sure to keep it hidden under the desk or in a book. The teacher will not appreciate your using it in class.

Pass paper notes

If the teacher is a particularly boring one and his/her classes often bore you and other classmates, you can share paper notes with others and have some fun. Cut a small piece of paper from your notebook, write a joke and pass it to a friend. You can even converse like in text messages. Ensure that you keep the message short and write the recipient’s note on the outside. Pass the note to your nearest neighbour while the teacher is not looking. The note will keep moving until it reaches the recipient. Just be careful not to write private stuff as some cheeky classmate may decide to read the note before passing it on.

Get in touch with your creative side

Whether you love reading, writing, drawing or any other activity, take this time to do it, read the best answers for students. You can doodle or draw on the margins of your notebook or even read a novel. If you are into writing, write anything you find interesting like a poem, a novel or even the lyrics to your favourite song. The main advantage of this is that the teacher will have no doubt about your diligence. He or she will just think you are taking down the notes.

Come up with an excuse to leave

If there is a place you would rather be than in a boring class, find an excuse to leave. You can pretend that you are sick and go to the infirmary. Alternatively you can ask for permission to go to the rest room. Just make sure the excuse is believable and do not use the same excuse twice.

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