A Friend in Need – 5 Mukhi Rudraksha

In Indian culture, the rudraksha are famous for their beneficial power for human kind for centuries. They are found with many faces or mukhs. Each rudraksha is unique and useful due to its mukh or face which provides them different vibrations, which make them special. They are an important part of Hindu religion and considered as a holy bead. It has been in use for all sorts of comforts for life. Rudraksha has power to transform any negative surrounding into a positive and favourable one for its wearer. We can found some good quality beads from Nepal, Burma and India.
5 Mukhi Rudraksha

This particular rudraksha is connected with 5 Pandavas or 5 elements.  It fills wearer with the skills of Pandavas like intelligence, strength, business skills, money, and devotion. 5 face rudraksha purifies five elements of universe in a person; these elements are fire, water, sky, earth, and air. Rudraksha heals and helps them to improve.  

Ruling Planet

The ruling planet of five mukhi rudraksha is Jupiter.


The beej mantra to wear it is: 



Day to wear:

The perfect day to wear it: Thursday


This is most easily available rudraksha. If a person is effected by the malefic Jupiter in life like poverty, relationships problems, body fat, kidney, or diabetes, then he/she definitely should wear a five mukhi rudraksha.
  • This rudraksha is related with our learning ability. It enhances the learning capacity and person cannot forget anything after wearing it.
  • Five face rudraksha purifies the inner self. After wearing it, the mind and body remains peaceful.
  • The mala of rudraksha is also very beneficial. The mala should be woven with either a silk or a cotton thread. 
  • It always protects its wearer from untimely or uncertain death.
  • It sharpens the business skills. 
  • The wearer feels the inner peace.
  • It has the power to protects from many diseases like high blood pressure, acidity, vertebral column, and cardiac problems.
  • It improves the memory and poor concentration problem.
  • It Controls the poor or sudden palpitation of the heart.
  • It helps people to achieve greater success easily in life. 

Five mukhi rudraksha are widely sold in the market, but one should be careful while buying an original one. The good quality five mukhi rudraksha can be bought from Nepal, Java or Burma. A medium quality Five mukhi rudraksha price starts from 125 rupees per piece, but high quality beads are sold above 400 to 500 rupees per piece also. Now one can easily get them by placing an online order. Good quality rudraksha are available on these online sites. They provide pure and original beads with guarantee certificates. Fake or artificial beads are also in the market for sale. They are made from berries, betel nuts, or plastics. It is always good to buy from a trusted person or a store for 100% results in life. But remember to wear these beads only after consulting with an astrologer to find if it would really suit you or not.


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