Get instant relief with joint and muscle pain!

Hydrocollator is a machine used for heating up medicinal cotton pads used in treatment for people with joint aches and pain. This machine has a thermostatic unit which controls the temperature of water. The cotton pad is placed in this machine which will be heated up and stored in plastic covers when it is removed from the machine and given to the patient. These cotton pads are used for athletic injuries and are extensively used by physiotherapists and athletic trainers. The heating method in hydrocollator is used to gain short-term pain relief for severe injuries in joints. The logic behind this method is, the body tissue will be quickly heatedbecause energy is more efficiently passed through water soaked cotton pads than through air. Patients with severe arthritis, ligament tears, and other sports injury can get instant relief using heated cotton pads in hydrocollator. This can be used at home as well.

How does thehydrocollatorunit work:

The hydrocollator units help to provide hot packs that are consistent in temperature.The unitis usually made out of stainless steel. The unit uses an immersion type heating element. It also uses a thermostat called as hydraulic capillary which helps to maintain the temperature of water. This liquid heating device can be used to heat and store the hot packs which can be used on the patient’s affected area like joints, muscles, back, etc. Please note that hydrocollatoris used for therapy and it should not be used for anything else. 


The cotton pads used in hydrocollator must not be used for anything else. The design of these hot packs is made in such a way that it can be heated only using hydrocollator. If you try to heat it using themicrowave or any other device, the hot packs can be ruined or even burst. The hydrocollator can store multiple layers of hot packs at the sametime.To use hot packs, heat it up using hydrocollator and place it on the affected area. In the case of any damage to hot packs, it must be thrown away, further usage of theworn out hot pack can be hazardous to hydrocollator. 

Things to take care of while operating:

Care must be taken when operating the hydrocollator as it can be dangerous if not used correctly. 

· Since hydrocollator use water for heating, due to evaporation process, water can be lost. Hence continuous replacement of water is required.
· Do not move the machine when it is filled with water as hydrocollator can spill water and person who is operating the unit can get burned by the hot water. 
· Always unplug the machine when it is not in use. 
· The unit must be cleaned twice in a month. When cleaning, do not use cleaning products which have chlorine content in it. Also, make sure that deposit or residue is completely removed.

Hydrocollator Unit price ranges from INR 6500 to INR 40,000. There are lots of variety and sizes of hydrocollator available which must be chosen based on your need and frequency of usage.  


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