How To Make More Likes On Instagram Pictures By Doing Less

Instagram is a mobile-based photo and video sharing app or platform that empowers sharing of images and knowing people through pictures. Founded only six years ago, the platform has shown significant growth in its user base and engagement.  

The social media platform is popular and many are attracted towards it, It is evident by these numbers:- There are around 500 million Instagrammers out of which 300 million use it every single day who share an average of 95 million photo and videos per day. These huge numbers depict the popularity of Instagram. 

More Likes On Instagram Pictures By Doing Less

Instagram generates a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%. When compared to other social media networks it is 58 times more than the engagement of Facebook whereas 120 times more than Twitter. 

There are a huge number of users on Instagram and it does not matter who is your audience but you will be able to connect with them through the pictures you post on Instagram. To calculate the popularity on Instagram the best way is to check it with the likes you gain. 

The real aim is to get noticed among the 95 million photos which are posted each day. How to make your picture unique and different from all others. Some ways to get the initial followers and likes are by adding eye-catching pictures, adding relevant hashtags and adding captions. These steps can help you in getting started on Instagram but this will not make you stand out from all others. 

To make your profile different from all profiles on Instagram you need a magical app which will help you in boosting the likes of your picture. “Get Likes on Instagram” is an app which will help you enhance your experience of Instagram. Here we have explained how this app works and how it can make you a mini-celeb on Instagram. 

Step 1:- Download the app

Download this app on your iOS devices from the app store completely free of cost. 

Step 2:- Sign up

Provide your Instagram user-name and password for the app to check the authenticity of the account. 

Step 3:- Likes pictures 

Step 4:- Get likes

To get likes on your own picture press the tab below and select a picture you wanna get likes on. Convert the coins you have earned into likes on your picture. 


If you do not want to spend time in liking other people's picture then you can simply buy the coins which will generate likes on your picture. The price of buying the coins is very less which makes it a simpler way to get likes on your own terms. 


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