Persuading Readers To Adopt Your Viewpoint

Will readers understand and support your viewpoint? This question is developed in every writer’s mind, when he starts to create any composition. Persuasive writing is one of the writing styles that helps writers in making their point more effectively. It aims to print writer’s point of view on the reader's mind. It uses all the reasoning to make writer’s viewpoint more clear. Now the question is how can you make your writing more persuasive?
Persuading Readers

Everyone has that potential to convince someone in favour of their viewpoint. But things get tricky when it comes to transposing those talents into writing. It looks simple, but in reality it is not. To make your writing persuasive, here are some of the techniques that you need to incorporate into your writing.

Concrete Proof: Conveying something without any concrete proof is futile. Nobody will adopt and apply your views when they don't find any evidence supporting your view. Different views can be supported by facts and statistics. Always mention the sources from which you are deriving those stats. Use sources with high credibility as any source doesn’t qualify as a concrete evidence. It also produces proper reasoning among the readers.

Identify Reader: The most important part for any writer is to identify the audience, it is going to target. What attributes of reader can aid persuading the viewpoint? Attributes such as age and gender can play a pivotal role. Knowing the qualification level of the reader also helps in translating the ideas in a better way. It is also important to know what you are writing like whether you are trying to make a point or trying to sell something.

Purpose and Structure of Writing: Purpose of writing should be crystal clear in your mind. It determines on which front of the article you are going to be. It also helps you in knowing whether your ideas are in favour of the topic or against it. Properly analyse the matter and do a thorough research before translating anything from your mind. It requires a high level of effort and time. The structure here means the way you are going to mention evidences. Always use more credible and concrete sources before the least credible sources.

Counter Opposing Opinion: Anything whether idea or product, always has two sides - one supporting it and the other against it. Countering the opposing view is as important as supporting your view. Always find flaws in countering view and prove it wrong. Provide strong evidences to counter opposing view. Using literally ornamental language helps prominently in this cause.

Using Proper Means: There are different means that can be cited to prove your point. Selecting the proper mean to convey the views is crucial. It includes use of examples, facts or statistics. Sometimes quotes by popular person also draw the reader's attention. Facts are helpful as they are proven ideas. Stats can also be used to show long term analysis. Examples also serve as aiding instrument, raising reader's eyebrows. Also quotes from people with great expertise in that sector can also be cited to prove your point.


The worst thing for a writer is when his ideas are not adopted by the reader, that's why it is important to use a persuasive essay services. Adopting improper ways to convey your idea may waste your time and effort. Implementation of these tips can help you greatly in mastering the art of imprinting your ideas through writing.

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