Surprising Celebrity Hobbies

Past The Time With These Surprising Celebrity Hobbies

In the modern day, celebrities are so revered that they almost do not seem like real people. We struggle to imagine them doing everyday things such as getting groceries unless a picture of it is printed in the tabloids, and even then it’s hard to believe. While it may seem crazy, celebrities are, in fact, human beings. They have hobbies and interests just like the rest of us. But who does what to pass the time?

Celebrity Hobbies

Here are five surprising celebrity hobbies.

Tom Hanks 

Tom Hanks is everybody’s favorite celebrity this side of Bill Murray and has starred in such classic films as Forrest Gump and Cast Away. Little known to anybody who is not a hardcore Tom Hanks fan is that Hanks possesses an impressive collection of antique typewriters. The actor has long been enchanted by the clacking of keys and dinging of bells and has even released his own app – Hanx Writer – which allows you to turn your iPad into a typewriter.

Angelina Jolie 

Angelina Jolie is arguably the most famous women on the planet and a decorated film career has put her in a position to indulge herself in whatever pastime she chooses. Jolie spends a good portion of her fortune adding to her collection of daggers. Yes, you read that right. Jolie has been collecting weapons since she was a child and now boasts a collection which features knives from all over the world. Sort of makes you worry for her soon-to-be ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Gordon Ramsay 

Prior to becoming the most celebrity of the celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay seemed set for a career in the world of soccer. He was a promising young player, but his time in the beautiful game was brought to a close after he sustained a serious knee injury. The injury was so devastating that it ruined any chance Ramsay had of making it as a professional soccer player, though he still enjoys unwinding with a light kick about.

Will Smith 

Will Smith achieved his greatest fame as the star of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, a series so successful he could have comfortably retired after the final episode. Instead, he transitioned into movies and is now one of the busiest men in the industry. While not working, Smith likes to let loose with a spot of fencing. Though that may seem like an odd pastime for a celebrity, it’s actually pretty common in Hollywood, with Smith listing Tom Cruise and David Beckham as his fencing buddies. Will Smith also enjoys travel adventures a lot.

Bob Dylan 

Bob Dylan is perhaps the most reclusive person in Hollywood, even refusing to travel to Sweden to collect the Noble Prize for Literature. But just what does Bob Dylan do when he shuts the doors of his Malibu home? Dylan is an avid painter and has been putting brush to canvas for decades, even painting some of his own album covers. He has released several collections of his art work, though they received little publicity and were purchased only by hardcore Dylanologists.

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