The Importance Of Promise Rings For Women

Just like an engagement ring, Promise Rings hold a great emotional importance. They are more than a jewelry for women. So, men who don’t understand the importance of Promise Rings for Women should carefully read this article.  

1. It’s a pledge that you make with women promise rings

These rings are a physical symbol of what you have promised to your partner. She keeps it in her hands all the time. And it reminds her of your love and promise, every time she looks at it. She doesn’t take it as a jewelry at all. For her, it is her faith in you wrapped around her finger. The faith that makes the design more beautiful and precious. She feels your presence through it, even when you are not there. 

2. The value of promise rings women lies in your commitment to follow the promise

Women see these rings as the proof of your commitment. It could be your commitment to stay faithful, commitment to marry, or the commitment to stop smoking. Any kind of commitment you make with your partner. The value of the ring in her eyes is priceless until you keep your commitment. You can’t just give her the present and forget about the promise. The ring is the constant reminder of what you have promised. Women want you to keep the ring valuable in her eyes and follow what you have promised.

3. Men and women promise rings are best when she is ready for the devotion

Women see these rings as a symbol of the strong bond and love. Hence, it takes her a lot to commit for these rings. Women don’t just jump on these rings like other jewelry pieces. They want their relationships to reach a particular level of comfort and devotion before making any promises. For some couple, the right time comes very fast, while others work on their relationships for a long time to get there. But, once the right time has arrived, women don’t hesitate to commit their love and devotion to that one partner. 

4. Promise rings for men and women are more precious than engagement rings

The pre-engagement rings are more important for women than the engagement rings itself. The reason is the hope and excitement attached to it. These rings work as a constant reminder of their marriage. Hence, women take these pre-engagement rings very seriously and keep their hopes on their partners. So, it is very important that the promise is made only when you are extremely sure to get married in the future. Otherwise, it will break her heart, which you don’t want. 


Women are very sensitive about these rings, especially with the promise that is attached to it. Hence, men need to be careful while making promises like this and stay committed to it too. With your commitment, these rings become the symbol of your love for the lifetime. 

So, keep these points in mind while making promises to your partner. And she will give you her life and love forever.


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