8 Facebook Video Marketing Strategies You Can Use To Increase Engagement on Facebook

Most of us even today have this one question in mind as to why we should be using Facebook video. Does the videos on Facebook have or add any value to my business? The answer is a big yes and here is why….

According to a study conducted by the social bakers, the Facebookvideosare shared more than 157% times compared to YouTube. This in turn presents a huge opportunity for your business boosting up engagement and grabbing attention of your fans. Given here are the 8 Facebook video marketing strategies that you can use in order to increase engagement on Facebook.

Timing is everything: While of course this is something that depends on your marketing audience, your content and the overall goal, the timing of your Facebook page is something that you really need to consider. Have a look at your marketing audiences, noting down the personas you aim to reach. Say for example if your targeted customer is busy at home mom, then the best time you can come forward and reach her will probably be different from that of a single bachelor.

Showing your personality: Social media is more than that. Everything that you post for your business on Facebook has to portraythe company personality.And what if your business is something that has not been established yet. On a talk with an employee ofFacebookabout this you can read about the simple exercises that she has been recommending helping you define your company voice and tone from here.

Sharing out content that your fans wish to see, not what you want them to see: If you wish that your marketing audience engage through your Facebook posts, then you will have to share content that you really wish to see. Most of the times businesses assume that they are in a certain industry and the content has to be directly related to that field.Say for example a sandwich shop might add content related to sandwiches only, along with the deals and company news that they are having. The problem now here is that not all of them will wish to read about sandwiches every day, and less likely to engage with your Facebook posts.

Looking at all the posts that have had engagement in the past: Why try to completely reinvent the wheel. Sometimes one of the best ways you can get Facebook engagement is by publishing more of the same type content that has made you get success in the past.

Embedding videos on your website or blog: If you have recognized your business on Facebook, then the chances are good that more and more people visit your website.By having your videos being embedded on your website, you can easily drive back traffic on Facebook business page.

Creating a FacebookVideo Playlist: When your fans click on the tab on your Facebook page,they then gainaccess to every single videos you have uploaded. And if these videos are not organized it can be long winded process for your fans to come forward and look for the content that they actually want. This is why it is important that you drive traffic to the right video content, creating video playlist. Your page here is able to create multiple playlists grouping the videos in different categories, making it easier enough for the fans to look out what they have been looking out for. This is also considered to be the best if your videos have Question & Answer kind of interviews. At present Facebook has been putting all the efforts that are directly linking to the individual playlists.

Using Your Fans Content: Social media is generally considered to be a sharing strategy. Sharing is nothing but how we have been building relationships with the fans and influencers, providing breaking news for the followers.So don’t hesitate to share relevant content, content from businesses who have been posting in your niche. In case you need help in finding content, the content engine will here help you instantly find your favorite pages, blogs, and Twitter feeds.

Being Persistent: As a marketer we all do know and are aware of the fact posting useful content with a consistent voice tone. Our Conquer Facebookinfographics do show that there are 8 different ways you can come forward and do this maximizing the Facebook engagement: Asking questions, asking for likes, celebrating today, adding photos, talking about the news, post fill in the blanks and more.

To Conclude: 

This is a year for videos being promoted on Facebook. Facebook has recently announced that 75% of them are promoting videos to Facebook rather than they did a year ago.Studies have shown that the brands have been promoting videos more on Facebook rather than YouTube. So what do you think? Have you been using videos on Facebook? What kind of videos do you like to promote on Facebook? Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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