A Quick Glimpse of Bhopal Museums

The land of heritage buildings and monuments, Bhopal has witnessed the rise and decline of many dynasties. Each of these dynasties had left their signs in some form or the other. These remnants of each era have added to the collection of antiques of this place. There are various museums in Bhopal which have been nestling these antiques since years. Here we list down some of the must-visit museums in Bhopal.

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State Museum of Bhopal 

Sprawling over the five acres a top Shyamla hills, the State Museum of Bhopal houses numerous antiques. The antiques housed in this museum are remaining signs of the historic places, excavated near this place.This museum houses sixteen galleries, each dedicated to different categories of antiques. The articles made of terracotta, paintings, ancient postal stamps, age-old royal musical instruments and other royal collections are some of the housed antiques. The carvings collection of romantic couples of Khajuraho steals the show. Nearly eighty-seven Jain bronzes are preserved here, belonging to the Parampara dynasty, dating back to the twelfth century B.C.,had been retrieved during Dhar excavation. The palm leaf Sanskrit manuscripts depicting various mythological epics are significant antique collections as well. The Numismatic gallery needs a special mention as the coins preserved here are as old as second century B.C.

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

This museum is dedicated to Anthropology. The collections of antiques in this museum depict the human evolution as well as the cultural growth of India. In the yester years, this museum was operated by the Anthropological Survey of India, commencing which it was declared as autonomous in the year of 1985. This museum has an important objective of focusing on the rich and diverse culture of India, rooted with unity. There are overall seventeen sections in this museum. Weapons and tools, weaving and spinning, musical instruments, transport and travel, hunting, animal husbandry, agriculture, games and amusements, fishing, arts and crafts, narcotics, ornaments,textile and rituals. These seventeen sections depict the diversity of collections in this museum. Along with the traditional knowledge, this museum also houses contemporary knowledge. Starting from the collects of natural resources to the collects of creations of man, all are showcased and preserved in this museum.

Tribal Museum 

This museum sets up a different collection of paintings, and toys so as to convey the various aspects of tribal life to the visitors. Tribal aesthetics, cultural diversity of various tribes such as ‘Gond’, ‘Bheel’, ‘Korku’, ‘Baiga’, ’Kol’, ‘Sahariya’, ‘Bhariya’  are showcased in this museum. Among the exhibits are the paintings and documents of tribal children’s games and toys. Terracotta, dried gourd and hemp are used to form the different figurines of tribal children, playing their own games. Pictorial representation of the games played in the trees, and mud-smeared wrestling games’ figurines are also showcased here.

This heritage city of Bhopal is a must-visit for the housed antiques and the picturesque landscapes it nestles.Bhopal hotels offer all the amenities and routes to all the historic sites of Bhopal are also available in any of the good hotels here.So, come and visit this historic city of Bhopal and relive the ancient India once again!


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