5 Best Unknown Beaches You Have to Keep Secret

The Philippines was always known for its gorgeous beaches and amazing weather to complement it. There are beaches in Boracay, Palawan and Cebu that have been popular with tourists. Even if popularity has been increasing every year, the fact that there are thousands of islands in the Philippines means there are beaches that are relatively untouched. There are resorts in, Tablas Island, Tagbilaran and Luli that are not as crowded as the mainstream islands out there.

Palaui Island

This isolated island right in the province of Cagayan is the epitome of untouched thanks to its out of the way location. It takes a 16-hour bus ride from manila to get here, but it is well worth the travel. The flora that has developed here is a splendor to see not to mention the fact it is also a stopover for many migratory birds. This island is one for the books, the pictures you can take here are breathtaking, talk about Instagram worthy. Just as an added bonus the Cape Engano Lighthouse is one backdrop you can’t miss.


Here in Calaguas, you’ll find everything you are looking for in your dream beach vacation. Who knew Camarines Norte was hiding such a beautiful gem, make sure to visit soon because it may be unknown now but the rise in visitors in the past years show that someone probably spilled the beans already. Their pristine white beaches and clear as day blue waters is enough to tempt anyone to spend a long weekend here.

Tablas Island

Romblon was always known as the marble capital of the Philippines, soon it will be known as a unique beach destination. The unique factor of Tablas island is that it is more than a beach destination, it also has other natural sites like rivers and mountains making it an adventurers paradise. The resort here is also one of the few resorts that specifically offer glamping, a new trend that is a must-try for your next vacation.


Located in Davao Oriental is Mati which houses beaches that are rarely visited. These beaches are the epitome of untouched, if you want to visit a beach and see its state before the tourism industry imposes its influence on it this is the place to go. Make sure to keep it a secret to prolong the serenity that it has been experiencing.

Tayandak Beach

If you’re willing to travel almost to the edge of the Philippines, in southern Mindanao there is a coastline that is facing the west that has done itself a favor by isolating itself. Nothing beats the classic view of white sandy beaches, palm trees and a perfect view of the sunset. You’ll have that all to yourself so just sit back and let the waves and that view soothe your worries away.

These beaches may be secluded and isolated now but there is potential for them to increase in popularity. If you want to keep them the way they are and have your own private beach to yourself then better keep your mouth zipped for this one. Places like this though it’s almost impossible to keep a secret.


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