How You Know That You Need A Sewer Repair Right Now

A broken sewage system is not something you want to find yourself dealing with. Leaky sewer lines both inside and outside your home can cause awful smells and even damage other things around the pipes. Most often sewer lines develop leaks or break due to old age, but occasionally other natural or man-made causes can also cause them to break. Once you've determined that your sewer system needs repair, you should call a professional because attempting to fix the sewer system yourself is often too difficult, and if done incorrectly can lead to even higher repair costs when all is said and done. So what are signs that your sewer needs to be repaired?

Sewer Repair

Bad Flushing And Inconsistent Water Levels In Your Toilet Bowl

The toilet is usually the biggest culprit of sewage problems and clogs in the sewer lines. If your toilet seems to be flushing slowly, not flushing everything or has water reaching abnormally high or low levels in the bowl once it's been flushed, there's a good chance you have a sewer problem that needs to be repaired. Even if the flushing problem seems minor, you shouldn't attempt to disassemble or move the toilet seat or move it yourself as toilets can be very heavy. Only a certified plumber should address the issue.

Bad Drains In Sinks, Tubs Or Showers

Over time sinks, tubs and shower drains can start accumulating foreign particles or rust that can inhibit draining, and when that happens you'll have a sewer issue that needs to be addressed. It could be an isolated problem such as just one sink that appears to be draining slower than normal, and if that's the case the source of the clog might be in the drain pipe right under the sink and accessible to you to unclog with a household tool. But if it's a problem occurring with all of your drains then there's a good chance it's a sewer problem located deeper in your lines.

Smells And Pests In Your Home Or Yard

Probably the biggest giveaway to a major sewer problem is not just noticeable backup in your toilets and drains, but also the unpleasant smell that follows it. If you notice a very strong stench anywhere in your home that appears to be coming through the walls, floor or ceiling, there's a good chance it's a sewer line problem. You'll usually notice a similar stench outdoors if it's coming from the sewer line in your yard, and the ground will usually feel a bit damp and your lawn could look unhealthy in areas near the leak.

Why A Plumber Should Be Contacted Instead Of Using Drain Cleaner

It's true that a lot of people clean out their sewer lines by using chemical household cleaners, but most plumbers advise against it. Mostly because some clogs are the result of large solid objects that cannot be dealt with by putting cleaners in the pipe. Cleaners could also be very hard on metal pipes and cause them to corrode and wear out quicker, adding more costs in the long run.
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