How Buyer Behavior Evolved through the Years

Buyers today have different behavior as compared to when your parents were kids, through the years as the world evolved around them so have they. Thanks to technology buyers are more knowledgeable, they can find information online. Different content solutions, digital or not, are all available online. This means the typical sales approach will not be as effective anymore. That is why it is important to anticipate and understand how the buying process has evolved and how it continues to change.

Prompted by the Buyer
Marketers and advertisers used to have more control on when and how to prompt buyers to be active. Traditional ads like radio, television and print can tell consumers what they need to buy and why they need to buy those things. They get to dictate what they needed even if they didn’t really need those items. The internet helped the consumers become more independent, they now decide what they need and when they need it. You just have to be prepared to be there once they decide they need your type of product or service, that’s why being searchable is very important.

Social media
Long gone are the days you keep your thoughts and images to yourself, now everyone knows what you’re thinking, where you are and what you are interested in. As much as consumers feed social media platforms they are highly influenced by the content they see here. A large majority of the population spend hours per day on these different platforms consciously and sub-consciously being fed information on events, products and services. That is why having a strong social media campaign and increasing your brand awareness in these platforms is key in influencing buyers.

Word of Mouth
Consumer don’t just believe everything they watch and read online, they know that some are just campaigns trying to sway them into buying in. Yes, these campaigns may have some effect on consumers’ perceptions but ultimately it is the word of their friends and other influencers that push them to buy in the hardest. Creating convincing advertisements and campaigns are not enough anymore, you have to either hit expectations or break them convincingly. Only then will you garner strong enough reputation that your brand will not only be revered but also be spread through word of mouth.

Subtle Branding
Consumers used to be proud about what they buy, products with large and loud logos and print dominated the market. You should wear your brand proudly and the louder the better was always the motto. Nowadays these consumers are less concerned about brands and more concerned about the actual offering. Blinding them with huge brand identities are not going to convince them that the brand is better. Sometime subtle wins the game, subtle designs and quality offering beats out even the most colorful campaigns.

Mobile Friendly Websites
You will notice that most consumers are on their phones these days, it is more than a phone it is your connection to the rest of the world. That’s why a strong online presence is essential. This doesn’t just mean having a website, that website must be mobile friendly for consumers to even glance at it. Some companies even look to develop their own apps because they know that consumers are looking for convenience so they don’t wait for them to come all the way to them, they meet them right at their phones.

It is an ever changing world with new technologies empowering buyers to be independent and make smarter decisions. You should be ready to adapt to that and beat the consumers to that trend. Only then will you see success for your business. 


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