Most Common Types of Mannequins Available for Sale

Mannequins and dress forms are one of the main and most important display sets for a fashion store which are used to display clothing in an attractive style. Now a days mannequins are also being used as great marketing tool which helps you to attract customers towards your offered fashion products by displaying them in a unique stylish way. Unique stylish mannequins also help you to decorate your fashion store.

There are a wide range of mannequins and dress forms available in the market which come with different features. Some mannequins are just simple displays however some mannequins come with poseable features. In this article i am going to discuss few of the most common mannequins for sale in the market.

Abstract Mannequins: These are most simple type of mannequins which just look like human body with no face features. Abstract mannequins are also called egghead mannequins because the head of these mannequins is just egg shape with no face features.These mannequins are the most cheapest and you can buy them in different colors for around 150 to 200 USD.

Transparent Mannequins: Clear or transparent mannequins are made of transparent material. These mannequins look as invisible and mostly used for products photo shoot. Clear mannequins are also called ghost mannequins because of their transparent look.

Poseable Mannequins: Adjustable or poseable mannequins are those which come with adjustable features. You can adjust these mannequins in different poses and styles. These mannequins are best if you want to display clothing in different poses.

Sports Mannequins: Sports or athletic garments are one of the most hot selling garments in any fashion store. So store owners display their sports clothing on mannequins which have sports related look. There are a huge quantity of sports mannequins which cover almost every sport look.
Sitting Mannequins: Sitting mannequins are one of the hot selling mannequins in market. Sitting mannequins are basically mannequins in a sitting pose. The sitting pose makes the look of your offered fashion products more attractive. On the internet you can browse from a huge range of different sitting poses of mannequins. Some manufacturers also offer custom made mannequins so you can also get a mannequin according to your requirements and pose.

Realistic Mannequins: Realistic mannequins are also one of the most famous type of mannequins. Realistic mannequins come in much realistic look. These mannequins just work as beautiful and attractive statue models for your fashion store.

These are few types of most famous mannequins for sale in the market. I hope that this will help you to know about common types of mannequins available in the market so you can choose right mannequins for your store.


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