What to Bring During a Hike?

Hiking is one of the lifestyle sports that are truly rewarding and refreshing. One may seem to think that hiking is difficult to do and hard to prepare for. Fortunately, there are various survival tips on how to conquer your climbing experience, such as what to bring during a hike. To help you decide what to pack, here are some of the essential things to bring during your hiking adventure.

Appropriate Footwear  
Hiking is not just walk in the park. You need the appropriate footwear to be able to survive in the tough trails, rock climbing, and mossy forests. Here are two kinds of footwear you can choose from:
  • Trekking Sandals – Most brands of trekking sandals offer flexible soles and sturdy straps, which are best for groomed terrain and day hikes.
  • Hiking Shoes – Hiking shoes is ideal for medium to tough terrains. You can choose to have a waterproof hiking shoe so that if there are any river crossings you need to pass by, you can be able to make it through.

Right Clothing
A proper gear will help you stay comfortable and flexible during the hike. Determine if you will have a day hike or an overnight climb before packing your clothes since clothes will sums up the majority of your backpack’s weight. Ideally, you need to bring one set of clothes going up, one set in camp (if you are doing an overnight climb), and one set going down. Just add a sweater or jacket to have a cold protection in case the weather turns frigid. You can also consider having waterproof clothes to get you equipped in case rain falls. Such type of clothes is best to use in rainy weather and it gets easily dry. That is why jeans are a no-no in climbing.  
Food and Drinks
Food and refreshments will definitely fuel you as you explore the beauty of nature. Here are some that you might consider to bring on your trip.   
  • Trail Food – Trail food, such as candies, nut, chocolates, and biscuits are perfect option to bring during a hike.
  • Camping Food Precooked meat, rice, noodles, instant coffee are some of the ideal food to bring during climb.
  • Hydration For a day hike, one to two liters would be the ideal liters of water per person. However, it will also depend on your preference. The length of your climb should be considered when bringing water and other refreshments.

First-Aid Kit
First-aid kit is one of the essential things that you should not forget bringing with you. Your kit should consist of plasters (in different sizes), bandages, and sterile gauze dressings. This would be helpful in case you encounter injury along the way.
  • Electronic Gadgets – camera, power bank, flashlight, headlamp, extra batteries
  • Travel-size Toiletries – tooth paste, toothbrush, wet wipes, insect repellent, alcohol, and tissue paper
  • Garbage Bags and Zip locks – these are important since you can use it to store your trash or protect your things from getting wet if you experience a rainy climb.
  • Cooking Equipment portable stove, fuel, lighter, and matches are essential in cooking food during camping.  

Physical preparation is surely one of the essential things you need to have before deciding to join in a hiking adventure. However, apart from one’s fitness, a complete and right climbing checklist is also important to survive in a climbing escapade. Just refer to this simple climbing checklist to know what to bring in your next hiking experience.



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