4 Unbelievable Car Brand Facts

Cars aren’t all about the speed and a hunk of metal parts. In the Philippines, the brand plays a big part on the buyer’s decision making process. Most of the time brands position themselves by building a reputation through their products and services. This can be enough to persuade the buyer that what they’re buying is of high quality and what they need.
With this in mind some car brands do have a few interesting facts in their illustrious campaign as automotive companies. Some of these facts are interesting and some are simply mind-boggling.

The Literal Bat-Mobile
Lamborghini is known to be the luxury sports car that every man dreams of owning. This brand is known for their high-quality cars seen in both their style and design. Now, they can even offer you to own the bat mobile itself. The Murcielago, is known for its use in the dark knight series as Bruce Wayne’s choice of car. What you didn’t know is that if you translate Murcielago in Spanish it literally means bat. It’s the closest thing to feeling like batman.

The Picnic Table Feature
In Honda’s first few releases of the CRV they had the typical features any other SUV would have at that time, except for one slight difference. The Honda CRV would offer its buyers a foldable picnic table that was stored in the back. This highlight of the feature just shows that Honda is deeply concerned in providing their drivers as much functionality as they can, who else can top that kind of innovation?

Toyota’s Logo
Ever wonder how car logos came to be, Toyota in this case has a great story behind their logo. The two ovals that overlap in the middle is supposed to show their goals of having a personal relationship with their customers. The large oval encircling everything else is Toyota’s goal of global expansion and the limitless opportunities it offers. Finally, you can even see all the letters of Toyota within that logo. Who knew that little thing could mean so much?

Don’t Translate Countach
Lamborghini makes the list again with its unique car names, this one though is somewhat different from the last entry. The story behind the Lamborghini Countach is that this was the first word exclaimed by the senior who reviewed the young designers work. Countach has no direct translation to English, all you need to know is that it roughly translates to a cuss phrase. That is how revolutionary this car design was.
Car brands try to keep these interesting facts quiet because sometimes it doesn’t align with their brand image. Sometimes you cannot help but have these moments especially when you’re in the automotive business.

In this industry, it is important to stay ahead of the curve, always innovation and offering something brand new. That’s why you can’t help have a few of these stories pop up, these are stories of the companies trying to innovate and set themselves apart from the competition. These facts are something to be celebrated because you know they aren’t done and on the verge of something amazing. 


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