Amazing yet Lesser Known Facts about Chennai

It has been noticed that Chennai is amongst the most enticing tourist attractions for the fastest growing countries of Asia like Qatar, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia etc. Being known as the ‘Gateway to South India’, Chennai is highly admired by the people in Doha. If you are willing to visit such an amazing place, it’s the best time to Book Flights from Doha to Chennai.

About Chennai
Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. This is amongst those cities that are recognized to preserve the traditional and historical values of India. Besides that the Academic Growth is one of the major preferences in this city. Chennai is also the 4th largest city of India, which lead the commercial center of South India.
With all the firm traditional values and academic base, Chennai owns one of the leading professional sectors like automobile, software services, financial services, petrochemicals, hardware manufacturing and textile etc. That all makes Chennai as the prominent metropolitan hub, which is connected with the entire major cities of India. So let's delve in for discover some really amazing and interesting facts about Chennai.

Second Longest Beach
If you are fond of enjoying stunning sunsets on a beach, for sure, it’s feels more than just great to see the sun slowly dropping down the line of sea. Chennai gives you with an opportunity so just absorb it as much as you can because you will head to Marina Beach for that. What inspires the Visitors about the Marina Beach is it’s the Second Longest Beach in the world. Therefore, be ready to front the bewitching sunsets when you Book Flights from Doha to Chennai.

Chennai is doing really great in the Automobile Industry. In fact, its automobile sector contributes considerably to the economy of this fast growing city. Perhaps that's the reason as to why it is known as the Detroit of India. Currently, the automobile industry of Chennai produces more than 40% of the auto parts and motor vehicles in India.

Chennai is finely abandoned with great cultural and historical values that live around thousands of years. That makes this city the cultural hub of South India. Chennai is mainly known for its affluent heritage in classical Music, dance, sculpture, architecture and crafts etc. In fact, Chennai has never compromised over its values whether it's the culture or art. Having widely practiced not just in Chennai but all over the India, Chennai is renowned for its oldest classical dance that's called Bharatnatyam.

Never underestimate Chennai when it comes to entertainment. In fact, when you Book Flights from Doha to Chennai, you are mainly heading towards the perfect package of entertainment. After Mumbai, Chennai is known to have second largest number of Theatres in India. In fact, the tourists have highly appreciated the approach that Chennai has towards entertainment. What’s more? In this umbrella of Entertainment, one gets to discover that Chennai is mainly the birth Place of South Indian Cinema.

Safest City
Although India suffers a specific crime rate in many cities but that’s not the case in Chennai. In fact, Chennai is known as the Safes City of India that’s sets it apart from all the other tourist spot in India.
Wrapping it up, planning a tour to Chennai is as good as heading towards the perfect combo of historical treasures, beauty of nature, Safety, Entertainment and Mouth-watering South Indian Food. People in Chennai are very nice & friendly and they love to host the tourists because they have great values for hospitality as well. So just have a great tour to Chennai this Season.


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