Approaches To Improve Your Website Development

With stiff competition in market and everyday innovation of technology, surviving is very tough. Today, everything is working digital, it would fall less and short for every business owner if it doesn’t have a relevant and useful website to portray it services, despite how much hard work is done on the ground. Within 5 seconds, a visitor would know how much potential the company poses after landing on your website. So, basically the developer has to be very-very smart to make the visitor indulge on the website in very less time.

So, here are some very useful tips to developers and business houses to how to improve their website.

·       Have a Responsive Design
With boom of the smart phones, the whole criteria and sense of developing a website has changed. Today more than half of the customers particularly use smart phones to visit any site, as it is a convenient option. So, if your website is not mobile friendly, than you will automatically lose more than half of your customers. Developer should particularly keep in mind that its website should adopt the mobile interface as soon as it is accessed through that; i.e. texts, fonts, picture should grow and shrink with the size of the device.

·      Don’t bogged down user unnecessarily
Certainly, a developer should know that it has only 5-8 seconds of user attention span, so it necessary to make impact within this given time. Often, developers keep certain elements which distract visitor; one such thing is complicated animations and bulk of popup ads, which slow down the speed and could lead visitor to leave your site. Also, some developer use heavy text content instead of audio-visual content which should also be avoided. There should be proper balance between images, videos and content to depict the exact message of the website to the visitor.

·       Navigation
This is a very important aspect to hold down visitors on your respective website. Certainly, the focus is to make a very user friendly site. There should be proper ease in eliciting exact information on a site. User generally comes with a mindset to meet its exact requirement in less time and if a website seems to be complicated, it just pisses off the user. So, proper navigation and landing pages is must in website to enhance its usability.

·      Fresh Content
Just like one changes its bed sheet in fix span of time, website content also needed to be freshen up time to time.  Looking the same features and content every time when a site is visited, would be monotonous and one could lose interest. So, it is very important to regularly keep updating your content, services and products you offer to give variety to the user. New fresh catchy taglines and bolds is really an effective way of marketing as visitor would start sharing your content which helps in SEO.

·      Call to action
Website is certainly a large and vast source of information. Sometimes, a visitor become clueless as soon as it lands on your website with so much information, at that time there should be some call to action provided to them. Ask them to click here for more information, or watch the video, images, compare the products, see details etc. Once you give them some suggested direction, they would get indulge on the site. This is a perfect way to facilitate the visitor to get filter their search and get to the exact requirement.

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