Did DotA 2 Really Become "DotA 3" by Its Recent Changes?

As soon as the Boston Major Tournament has ended, Valve announced the latest update in DotA 2’s gameplay: the 7.00 update. This has been a big deal to the DotA 2 community since the MOBA game has been in version 6 plus since 2005 – which is the Dota All-Stars mod days.

The previous patch, 6.88 update, has been praised by the community and the professional scene as one of the most striking updates DotA had. Aside from the godlike strength of certain heroes, patch 6.88 was successful in delivering a remarkable and well-balanced update in DotA 2’s game play. Additionally, the Heroes broad range of strategies and skill techniques were quite useful and playable compared to the previous patch updates. In other words, the update made the game more versatile.

Nevertheless, Valve along with Icefrog had doubts about creating and releasing the 7.00 update. The two companies have their share of reasons in doubting the newest update – one of which are the fundamentals-altering add-ons, the 0.11 skip, and the introduction of a new hero, Monkey King. However, there is still one additional change in the update that would probably impact the DotA 2 community and the DotA game itself – Skill Tree Talents.

The Introduction of the Skill Tree Talents
Remember the ability wherein you can put skill points to upgrade your hero stats when you level up? Well, Valve has completely remove it.

In its place, the skill points are now placed into the heroes Talent Trees, wherein you are given a choice between two permanent buffs at levels 10, 15, 20, 25. As a result, every hero will receive and get massive buffs.

I know some of you are cringing right now. But keep in mind that most of the new updates and aspects of DotA 2 will sound horrendous on a write-up before enjoying it in the game. The Talent Tree Skill may be hard to imagine now, but remember that the Hero’s Skill Tree will play an integral part in the overall game play. Although this update may mean hero supports to sacrifice themselves to help secure their team’s hero carry progression.

Monkey King
Now we go to the second important update of the game – DotA 2’s newest and first hero in the 7.00 update. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, is a strong hero indeed. Monkey King’s skills involves the Boundless Strike, long-range staff slam that stuns nearby enemy heroes, and his critical physical damage based on his normal attack. Additionally, he has an ability called the Tree Dance, which lets him jump to treetops and gives him a wider vision of the map while maintaining his invisibility. Overall, the Monkey King gives that exhilarating excitement to the DotA 2 community and professional players across the Globe.

Overall, the newest 7.00 update can be really called as DotA 3 since it undertook a lot of changes since the 6.88 patch update. Thus, DotA 2 fanatics should keep a keen eye on the next updates that Valve will release. For more information about DotA 2’s 7.00 patch update, visit The Masters Manila Site 2017.


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