Explore the City Of Los Angeles- 4 Things That You Must Do At Any Cost

Are you tired of your daily mundane life and desperately want to go for a vacation? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Immediately mail your boss and request her/him to grant you a week-long leave, so that you visit a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself and get back to work with a re-energized soul, mind and body. So, do you have any particular tourist spot within the USA in your mind? No? Well, then I would suggest, pay a visit to Los Angeles.

Wondering, why Los Angeles out of the other tourist spots? I’m suggesting you to visit this city because it is quite vast and there are numerous things that you can do here. And trust me, the more tourist spots you visit within this vivacious city, the more you’ll get to know about it. And this is not just me who has to say so many good things about Los Angeles; there are many other well-known personalities who love L.A. from the bottom of their heart. For instance, actor and director Late Alan Rickman said- “Los Angeles is not a town full of airheads. There’s a great deal of wonderful energy there.” So, now when you have gained a little confidence about visiting this city, waste no more time; book your tickets and fly to L.A.

Since you will be going for just a week, you will not get much time to explore all the nooks of L.A. However, don’t be disheartened as I’m sure you will enjoy this trip too. Here’s a list of places in LA that you must surely visit within a week. Take a look.

Go for a ‘walking tour’

After you reach Los Angeles, I’m sure you will be dead tired and won’t be able to indulge yourself in any fun-filled activities. Hence, it’ll be best if you go for a walking tour around the city and take pleasure in seeing Los Angeles' urban architectural heritages. This might sound tiring but trust me; this fuel-efficient tour is worth it. The eccentric architectures will surely amaze you.

Visit Venice Beach- the eccentric epicenter of California

One place in LA that receives more than a fair share of mainstream tourists is none other than the Venice Beach. This area truly nurtures an eccentric spirit. So, be rest assured that you wouldn’t get bored if you visit this place. You’ll love the soothing breeze and the scenic beauty of the sea. After sunbathing, you can also go for lunch at the local Figtree's Café, which is near to the beach and have their popular dish- grilled salmon or ahi tuna.

Shop till you drop at Rodeo Drive

After soaking the sun and having lip-smacking lunch at Figtree’s Café, it’ll best if you go for some shopping. Where? Of course, at Rodeo Drive! It is not just one of the most famous shopping destinations in the USA, but also throughout the world. And believe it or not, whoever is fashion conscious or has a love for high-end designer brands, would want to visit this shopping street. So, do pay a visit here and don’t reach there in an ordinary cab. Instead, book a luxury car, such as Ferrari for rent Los Angeles and then reach the place like a diva.

Go for Hollywood hills hiking

Do you love adventures? If yes, then why don’t you go for a Hollywood Hills hiking tour? The surrounding of the hills is undoubtedly splendid plus, if you reach the peak, you’ll be able to get a breathtaking 360° glimpse of the entire sprawling urban landscape. While hiking, you will be guided by experts who will not just help you in hiking, but will also amaze you by sharing fascinating stories about LA’s history. In fact, they would also share videos of scenes from hit TV shows and movies that have been shot in those exotic places. So overall, it’s going to be a great experience.

These were the four places that you should definitely visit to discover Los Angeles. Apart from just visiting these places, you can also visit a few luxury restaurants and pubs. But remember one thing, when visit luxury diners or other locations, don’t forget to book a Ferrari, Lamborghini or any other exotic cars for rent Los Angeles.

Author bio: Eric Burton has been working with a reputed car rental service that provides exotic cars for rent Los Angeles. You can go through his articles to get tips before hiring a Ferrari for rent Los Angeles.


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