Hot Digital Industry Trends This 2017

With the advent of technologies, such as Internet and other networks, how businesses conduct their business transactions have drastically changed in the past few years. This innovation brought faster workflow among companies, from print to digital approach.

Truly, the application of cutting-edge technologies have been seen in every aspect of life—from banking, manufacturing, travel, and education industry. In fact, several educational publishing services in the Philippines are choosing to go digital to improved their learning solutions and maintain their revenues.

Different digital techniques help many businesses in aiming their goal to be the best in their respective field. Here are some of the hot digital trends that business owners should use this 2017.
Content Marketing
According to research with HubSpot, more businesses now are utilizing this type of digital marketing technique (40%), so it is safe to say that content marketing is here to stay and will definitely boom this 2017.

Content marketing refers to the publishing of a credible and compelling content into your website. This content may come in different forms, such as articles, infographics, and informative guides that will draw your potential consumers to your website.

·         What makes a good content marketing?
-       Web Pages – these are your foundation to digital content marketing
-       Content – HTML 5, responsive website, infographics, and video are ingredients to rich content
-       Personalization – make sure that your content is tailored fit to your potential consumers
-       Marketing Apps – it is efficient to use marketing apps that have experience with programmatic flow and logic

Search Engine Optimization
One of the efficient ways on how to establish an identity in the Internet and reach your targeted audience is by practicing SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website to increase or improve your rankings in different search engines, such as Google. Focusing on user experience, keyword researching, and structured website are some of the effective elements in a good SEO.

Viral Videos
Video marketing will be the next big thing in the Internet industry because views on video platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube keeps on growing and growing each day. With this, Facebook is planning to add a tab that is dedicated to videos into their apps. They are conducting a major redesigning in their apps, hoping that they will become the home of videos on the Internet.  On the other hand, YouTube is also doing their best to stay on the line and be relevant in the coming years. Hence, generating video content through Facebook and YouTube will make consumers utilize the said channel in the coming years.

Since almost everything now goes online, switching to digital marketing would definitely be a sensible choice for every company that wishes to establish an impeccable identity in the online community. As a company or website owner, make sure to use the right digital marketing strategies that are tailored to your business. Select one (or two) marketing trend mentioned above that you think suit your business and will give you an incremental improvement in sales. 


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